About iTek

iTek is a company that is constantly growing and evolving as times are changing. We operate in Concord, NC in a print shop that allows us to provide a variety of services to our customers! We take every project seriously, and are committed to producing quality printing and exemplary customer satisfaction. We build great relationships with our customers, and consider ourselves to be strategic partners to any organizations that are looking for a reliable graphic communications that can add value to your company. With all the equipment we have and are continuously adding new equipment there is a vast amount of services we provide. If you like great service, great results then look through our website to meet the team, see the equipment and services we offer and see if we would be a great fit for your company, we believe we can be!

Our Leadership

Julli Goodwin
Julli GoodwinOwner / Treasurer / Account Executive
Julli was born in Houston, Texas, graduated from the University of Texas-Austin with a degree in Graphics. She started in design and graphics then switched to the printing industry for 28+ years. She holds several titles from being a co-owner of iTek for the past five years, with the duties of treasurer and sales. She loves the challenge of new projects and seeing customers happy with the finished product that iTek produced. She is very excited about iTek expanding in technology, and constantly being very innovative, and helping iTek to grow, and that she can be a part of it all.
Rick Mitchell
Rick MitchellOwner / Account Executive
Rick has been in the Printing Industry for 25+ years as an account executive, with the last 5 years as a partner at iTek and continuing to be an account executive. He enjoys working with his current, as well as new clients to fulfill their printing expectations. Recreationally he enjoys playing golf and traveling around with his wife.
John Rawlins
John RawlinsOwner
John Rawlins is a printer. Has been for over 40 years… all because he wouldn’t take wood shop in high school. Raised in New Jersey. He studied printing at Rochester Institute of Technology being awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in printing technology and management. He moved to North Carolina in 1972, working for a national company that specialized in providing color for many national publications and New York advertising agencies. An early adopter of the ever-changing technologies, John worked with early scanners, imagesetters, platesetters, and embracing digital printing as it exists today. So it’s not new to him. He’s done this a long time and knows the business inside and out. If you have a technical question, he’s the one you go to.

What makes us different

Our dedication to ALWAYS meeting clients needs!

At iTek, we pride ourselves on enhancing our clients print and production needs. Our cutting-edge equipment enables us to always find the best way to produce their product.