5 Benefits of Choosing a Managed Print Services

5 Benefits of Choosing a Managed Print Services

Also known as MPS, managed print services is a service offered by printing companies to help businesses with streamlining print management and minimizing costs that are associated with printing. As a business grows, it becomes less and less practical to do all of its printing in-house, and working with a company that offers managed print services has numerous benefits.

At iTek, we are a North Carolina printing company that focused on providing managed print services, along with a long list of other printing and design services. Here are five of the benefits of choosing a printing company that offers managed print services.

Reduce Local Printers

The term “local printers” refers to printers that are located in your company’s office. Typically, these local printers are inefficient and cost more than you may think. Local printers tend to only serve one user at a time and are rarely networked, making them especially inefficient in a fast-paced business environment. Purchasing unique cartridges for these printers can also lead to purchasing and inventory tracking challenges.

Strategically Manage Your Print Environment

Managed print services is capable of delivering advanced solutions to your business. By working with a professional print shop on managed print services, you can improve your entire print environment, not just focus on machines and usage. By using managed print services, iTek can enable print security, deliver on mobility issues, and implement cost accounting initiatives, all of which improve your overall workflow.

Picking the Right Printer for the Right Job

Under your current situation, you may be eating profits or adding unnecessary expenses to your business by using printers that have higher overall operating costs. Managed print services make sure that this doesn’t happen because a well-run printing shop can provide a wide variety of printers to choose from, allowing you to find one that matches your budget and individual printing needs. In some cases, they can even make recommendations for upgrading equipment to increase productivity or print quality.

Save on Print Costs

Every business is looking to reduce costs. Using a managed print service can help reduce overall costs, because it will help you create a print strategy that effectively monitors and manages your fleet of equipment. In fact, studies have shown that using managed print services can save your organization up to 30 percent in cost.

Free Up Your IT Department

IT departments have enough on their plate without having to troubleshoot printing issues or deal with break fixes. Additionally, MPS providers can provide additional staff training on your printing devices, especially when new devices are added for use. This way, your IT staff can remain focused on what is really important.

Concord, NC Managed Print Services

If the benefits of using a company for managed print services sound too good to pass up, let the experts at iTek take over. In addition to providing managed print services, we also do a variety of commercial printing, direct mail, and print marketing, making us your Concord, NC one-stop-shop for everything printing related.

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