5 Common Myths About Professional Printing Services

5 Common Myths About Professional Printing Services

It’s a fact that is true across industries – employing the services of a professional yields higher quality and more consistent results than attempting to do it yourself. No matter the industry – printing included – professionals provide specialized services designed to elevate a product or service a rung higher on the ladder. Despite this, there persists a number of myths about professional printing services. 

Here at iTek, our team of industry professionals would like to debunk these five common myths about professional printing and show you why they should be ignored. 


It is Cheaper to Print In-House

Some firms that have printing needs decide to build an in-house space for printing instead of handing the job off to a print shop. It is true that the actual print will cost less if you do it yourself, but if you add up the hidden costs associated with in-house printing, you’ll find that it is no longer so economical. These costs include those of toner and ink, as well as precious employee time and print supplies. 


Print Shops Do Not Know What They Are Doing

Once a business owner has a style or design in mind, they often think that they are the only person who can replicate it. However, with our wide format printing capabilities and team of friendly professionals, our team has the ability to visualize and print nearly any idea. In fact, professional printing services can actually offer you even more designs and inspirations that you may not have thought of on your own. 


In-House Printing Will Yield Accurate Results

One reason that some people choose to avoid professional printing services is that they think their in-house printers can handle the job just as well. However, it is rare that a private company or business has the amount of top-tier printing equipment that we have here at iTek. Whether you’re looking for offset printing, wide format printing, or digital printing, a professional print shop has what it takes to do the job efficiently and quickly. 


Professional Printing is Time Consuming

It is sometimes assumed that a print order placed at a professional printing shop will take more time than it should. However, if you give a reputable print shop the time and date that you need the project completed by, they will get it done for you. Professionals understand that businesses have urgent print projects and will fit your needs into their schedule. 


Printing is Bad for the Environment

It is true that paper production does harm the environment, but most professional printing services these days utilize recycled paper. New paper is often sourced from farms that reproduce trees that are utilized for paper. Green printing ink also do not cause the damage that older petroleum-based inks did in the past. 


Concord, NC Professional Printing Services

Here at iTek, we are a locally-owned Concord, NC professional printing company that specializes in different types of commercial printing, display services, and direct mail. We work with clients in a wide variety of industries, and our friendly professionals work with clients on a one on one basis to ensure maximum satisfaction. 

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