5 Commonly Overlooked Costs of Direct Mail Marketing

5 Commonly Overlooked Costs of Direct Mail Marketing

Even as digital marketing is becoming more and more prevalent, classic direct mail marketing still plays a vital role in a company’s marketing mix. Studies have shown that direct mail marketing commands much higher response rates than digital avenues, especially among Millennials. Additional surveys have shown that customers prefer so-called snail mail over other advertising methods, and that 40 percent of consumers try new businesses after receiving direct mail.

However, when calculating your direct mail marketing budget, you have to keep some costs in mind. Companies can often forget about these five overlooked costs of direct mail marketing, and here at iTek, our team of direct mail professionals is here to help you get those costs as low as possible.

Design and Production

When it comes to designing and producing your direct mail piece, costs can quickly add up. The costs from this usually come from a freelance designer’s time and the email marketing software necessary to create the piece. One way to save money in this phase is by doing everything yourself in a program like Microsoft Word. Another option is to use a template rather than designing new direct mail pieces from scratch with every campaign.  

Marketing Copy Costs

The next overlooked cost that comes with direct mail marketing is the cost of creating the marketing copy. This can add up if you choose to hire a professional copywriter, which is what many companies choose to do, because the copy must be persuasive and convince customers to purchase your product or service. If you want to skim on costs, you can attempt to write your own copy.

Printing and Addressing

Depending on what kind of printer a company works with – online or local – the costs will vary. Other variables that affect the cost of printing and addressing include size of the direct mail piece, use of color versus black and white, type of paper used, and whether your marketing list will need to be cleaned up.

One easy way to lower costs in this category is by printing higher volumes. Instead of printing short runs for targeted campaigns, consider printing higher volumes and storing the overages for later mailings.

Mailing Lists

When you engage in a direct mail marketing campaign, you will want to do personalized marketing, which requires the use of mailing lists. The cost of a mailing list will vary based on the quality of the data, how many records you purchase, and how many times you can send to the list. You can also obtain free mailing lists by either gathering data you already have on your current customers or trading info with another business in the industry.

Mailing and Distribution

The final cost that you’ll have to consider is mailing costs. These can fluctuate greatly based on current postage rates, the amount of mail that you send, and how much all the mail weighs.

Concord, NC Direct Mail Marketing

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