5 Creative Business Uses for Fabric Signs

5 Creative Business Uses for Fabric Signs

Among the myriad of ways that you can promote your business, fabric signs are one of the most unique and interesting. By using a fabric sign, you can be assured that you’ll stand out from out the pack, and in addition to advertising, fabric signs can be used for informative or decorative purposes. There are several different advantages of using fabric signs, including their rich color, seamless appearance, lightweight nature, ease of shipping, ease of washing, and sophistication. Here at iTek, our team of printing professionals is ready to help you think of creative business uses for fabric signs.

Business Promotion

If you’re looking for an outside-the-box way of promoting your business that goes beyond traditional digital advertising, consider using a fabric banner. Fabric banners are an excellent way to announce the opening of your business, introduction of an anticipated new product, or a new promotion. Because of their seamless and classic appearance, many business owners choose to hang a fabric banner on their premises.

When it comes to hanging the banner, there are a few different methods. Some popular ones are having grommets placed on all corners, using cords or rope, and having the banner made with pole pockets so that it’s easier to hang vertically. Another advantage of using fabric banners are that because they’re made of tightly woven fabric, the colors on them maintain their richness for a long time, even when they’re exposed to the elements.

Driving Traffic to a Trade Show Booth

When your business is invited to a trade show, it’s important to draw attention to your booth so that you can successfully promote your product. One innovative way of doing that is by having a creative fabric banner outside your booth. Make sure that your business’s logo is prominently featured on the fabric banner in order to draw people in.

Reminders and Announcements

If you’re looking for a simple and attractive way to remind your employees of events, announcements, or schedules, a fabric banner is a great solution. These can be decorative or more practical. Using a generic print will allow you to reuse the banner every time the same occasion comes around.

Stadium Usage

Fabric banners are also an excellent way to promote your business to thousands of people in a sports arena or a stadium. Or, if you’re the owner of a sports team, they can be used to highlight player achievements, celebrate championships, and post motivational messages. For night games, back lit fabric signs can provide illumination.  

Farmers Markets

Due to their ability to withstand the elements, fabric banners are also a great option for local entrepreneurs who work at outdoor farmers markets. Attach a creatively-designed fabric banner to your farmers market tent in order to get shoppers to check out your products.

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