5 Creative Business Uses for Fabric Signs

5 Creative Business Uses for Fabric Signs

One of the easiest and most effective ways to advertise your business’s products or services is by using fabric signs. In addition to being affordable, accessible, and easy to transport, fabric signs also have the advantage of attractiveness, with seamless appearance, rich color, and lightweight nature.

However, there is no point in having a fabric sign if you do not know how to effectively utilize it. Here at iTek, our team of professional printers is happy to share these five creative business uses for fabric signs.

Trade Show Displays

When creating a display for your company’s trade show booth, one of the most important considerations is to attract attendees to your booth in the first place. One innovative way of doing that is by having a professional printing company create a fabric banner that prominently advertises your business. Include this fabric banner as part of your trade show display in order to drive traffic to your booth.

Business Advertising

Fabric banners have the advantage of being large and attention-grabbing. If you’re looking for a creative and unique way to promote your business outside of print or digital advertising, consider having a fabric banner created. Whether you’re looking for a way to announce an opening of a new business, introduce a hot new product, or advertise a special promotion, it can be achieved with a fabric banner. Because fabric banners are made of tightly woven fabric, they can be reused, even when they are exposed to the elements.

There are a few different methods to hang a fabric banner. You can choose to have grommets placed on each corner and having the banner created with pole pockets so it can be hanged vertically.


One creative way to advertise your business to thousands of people at once is by displaying a fabric banner at a stadium. Here at iTek, we’ve worked with the Charlotte Hornets to provide a variety of different products for them, and we would be glad to use this partnership to help your business advertise its products or services at the Spectrum Center.

Reminders and Announcements

If your business has an office where employees work, hanging a fabric banner is a great way to remind your employees of events, announcements, or schedules. Of course, you can also get creative and have a fabric banner made that for employee achievements or awards, or spice up the office with some fabric banner artwork.

Farmers Markets

One of the main advantages of fabric banners is their ability to withstand the elements. If you’re a Concord, NC entrepreneur who showcases your goods at farmers markets, fabric signs and banners are a great way to advertise your presence and draw attendees to your display.

Concord, NC Print Company

When you need a professional-looking fabric banner printed for your business, turn to the experts here at iTek. Our printing shop has been in business for decades, printing things like fabric signs and banners as well as backlit fabric signs. We work with our clients step by step to ensure that everybody is 100 percent satisfied with the end product.

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