5 Great Applications for Silicon Edge Graphics

5 Great Applications for Silicon Edge Graphics

If you’ve attended a trade show in the last few years, you’ve likely noticed a striking new type of display: Silicon Edge Graphics (SEG Display). Silicon Edge Graphics are stunning and elegant displays, printed on a tension fabric using a dye-sublimation process. The silicone finished edges are then inserted into the groove around the perimeter of the framing system. A result of this process is an upscale frameless appearance that displays a drum tight fabric graphic from edge to edge in the frame.

Here at iTek, we are a Concord, NC printing shop that has the capability of creating Silicon Edge Graphics displays. Some customers have questions about the best type of applications for this type of graphic, so here are five great applications for Silicon Edge Graphics.

Trade Shows

SEG frames began their life in the area of trade shows and exhibitions. Besides their clean and colorful appearance, SEG graphics solve two of the major cost challenges that trade show exhibitors face: labor and shipping. SEG frames have the advantage of being easy to set up and tear down, allowing exhibitors to save on expensive on-site labor. SEG frames are also compact and can be rolled up and packed into small boxes.

Retail Environments

Compared to traditional print to fabric displays, SEG displays have taken over in stand-alone retail environments. Fabric graphics allow for seamless, visually striking, and large images that create an inviting and upscale appearance. Silicon Edge Graphics also have the advantage of being highly customizable, making it possible for the graphics to fit in any retail space.

Stadiums and Arenas

If you walk into any modern sports arena, you’ll likely see SEG frames everywhere. Whether you want a large wall mural to honor past or current players or temporary signage to advertise upcoming games or events, SEG graphics are a great way to do so. In fact, the Charlotte Hornets use our print to fabric services at their arena, the Spectrum Center.

Airports and Transportation Hubs

As high-traffic public places, airports and transportation hubs are turning to SEG frames for the large format displays that are used on wall murals and advertising displays. Because SEG fabric frames do not need to be kept under glass, glare is eliminated and they are easy to change out whenever it becomes necessary. Finally, they can be cut to nearly any size, so they can be used in any space.

Quick Service Restaurants

Patrons at quick service and fast food restaurants must be enticed using bright colors and crisp images of menu items. SEG frames are a great way to do so, and they also come with the advantage of being easy to install and change out when menus or promotions change. Some restaurants use SEG frames for creative presentations of specials or featured items.

Silicon Edge Graphics in North Carolina

If you’re looking to incorporate Silicon Edge Graphics into your fabric printing regiment, contact the pros here at iTek. We’re based in Concord, NC and serve the entire region with a vast array of printing services, including Silicon Edge Graphics, display banners, graphic displays, and direct mail.

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