5 Things to Have Professionally Printed

5 Things to Have Professionally Printed

Whether your business is a start-up or an established presence in your field, it is vital that you have a few important items professionally printed. The visual quality of your business’s physical marketing and promotional materials can make a huge difference on the perception of your business, and a simple way of ramping up the quality is to have these items professionally printed. Although it is possible to have items like this printed in-house, taking them to a professional ensures quality, attractive designs, and puts your business a step above the competition. 

Here at iTek, we are your Concord, NC local printing company. If you want your business to make a big mark on the community, consider having these five items professionally printed at our studios. 



One great way to effectively advertise your company’s services and products is by printing brochures and having them placed in strategic locations or handing them to people directly. Getting brochures professionally printed improves the quality of the images, makes the layout easier to read, and infuses them with bright colors that reflect the values of your business. Brochures provide a wide array of design, color, folding, and paper stock options. 


Business Cards

Business cards are a timeless method of making networking fun, effective, and simple. All you need to include on your business cards are your contact information, a smart design, and a short description of your services. Business cards should be able to fit into a wallet, a pocket, or the palm of a prospective client. Many printing companies offer bundle pricing options for business cards, and a professionally printed business card will ensure that you make the right first impression. 


Banners and Signs

If your business is presenting at an expo or a trade show, a banner or a large fabric sign is a great way to draw attention to your booth. Unlike items like business cards or flyers, banners and signs are a one and done solution that can be reused over and over again at subsequent events. Professional printing services like those at iTek will offer different banner options including fabric banners and back lit fabric signs. 


Flyers and Postcards

Similar to brochures, flyers and postcards are a simple and cost-effective way to get your business’s name out to the public. Simply walk around town and tape up a few flyers, which will then catch people’s attention. Remember that a solidly-designed and attractive flyer will draw more attention than one not created by a professional printing service. 


Vehicle Wraps

If your business has a work vehicle, turn it into the best type of employee by wrapping it with a display that advertises your business. The professionals at iTek provide this service, which will have passersby turning their heads to check out your wrapped work vehicle. 


Concord, NC Professional Printing Services

If you have decided to have these five items professionally printed, turn to iTek, your family-owned print shop in Concord, NC. We take every project seriously and work hand in hand with our customers no matter the end goal. 

To learn more about our professional printing services, contact iTek today at (704) 457-7687.