A Quick Guide to Green Printing Methods

A Quick Guide to Green Printing Methods

In today’s modern office, environmental responsibility is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, traditional forms of printing can be detrimental to the environment, which means green printing is something that has become increasingly popular for businesses. The print industry has taken several positive steps to becoming more eco-friendly, and if your company is looking to become more environmentally responsible, practicing green printing is a great way to begin. 

Here at iTek, we take green printing seriously. Our printing company has taken positive steps to becoming more green, including using eco-friendly paper, digital offset printing, and eco-friendly inks. Here are some ways in which our print shop prints green.

Use Eco-Friendly Inks

Traditional print inks tend to be loaded with harmful chemicals that release toxins into the environment. Ink companies are beginning to produce eco-friendly inks that help reduce the impact of ink on the environment. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Soy-Based Inks: Soy-based inks do not release excessive emissions into the environment when they dry like petroleum inks do. They are popular among designers because they are known for the remarkably bright and vivid colors that they produce. 
  • UV Inks: UV inks are cured by ultraviolet light, not through the tropical oxidation method, something that is harmful to the environment. They are 99.5 percent free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 
  • Vegetable-Based Inks: Like soy-based inks and UV inks, vegetable-based inks contain very low amounts of VOC and are not harmful to the environment. 


Use Eco-Friendly Paper

Paper is made from trees, specifically virgin wood pulp. The production of paper kills millions of trees every year, but new developments in paper technology help trees from being knocked down. There are now a variety of eco-friendly papers on the market that can be purchased at our printing shop. Also known as recycled paper, eco-friendly paper helps reduce water and energy use and saves precious landfill space for trash that cannot be discarded. 

The other type of eco-friendly paper is known as FSC Certified Paper. The FSC is the Forest Stewardship Council, a group of businesses, environmentalists, and community leaders that is a well-respected non-profit which aims to protect the world’s forests by overseeing and improving timber production. All paper and wood products certified by the FSC were created with sustainable practices. 

Take Advantage of Digital Offset Printing

When you’re in need of commercial printing services, one of the best ways to go green is to utilize digital offset printing. Digital offset printing is the practice of sending a digital file straight to a digital offset press, eliminating all the environmentally-unfriendly steps involved in film-based or offline plate making. Thanks to the chemistry-free imaging involved with digital offset printing, you don’t need to use harmful chemicals during the printing process. 

Your Green Printing Source in Concord, NC

Here at iTek, we recognize the importance of green printing and take advantage of eco-friendly paper, eco-friendly inks, and digital offset printing whenever we can. Whether you’re in need of print marketing, green commercial printing, or display services, the professionals at iTek are ready to meet your needs. 

To learn more about our green printing practices, call us at (704) 457-7687.