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A Quick Guide to Green Printing Methods

In today’s modern office, environmental responsibility is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, traditional forms of printing can be detrimental to the environment, which means green printing is something that has become increasingly popular for businesses. The print industry has taken several positive steps to becomi... Continue Reading

Direct Mail Isn’t Dead & Why It’s Still Effective

If you think that direct mail is dead is in this increasingly digital world, think again. Of course digital and email marketing are more popular than ever, but the reality is that direct mail still holds a vital spot in the marketing mix. Studies have repeatedly shown that direct mail has a higher response rate than di... Continue Reading

How to Choose the Right Font For Your Fabric Banner

Fabric banners are a classic and eye-catching way to advertise things like grand openings, sales, or special events for your business. If you decide to get a fabric banner custom made, there are a lot of different factors that go into the creation of the banner, with one of the most important being fonts. The font that... Continue Reading

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