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Digital Textile Printing: The Sustainable Option

In the past few years, the global textile printing industry has placed an increased emphasis on sustainability and environmental friendliness. One of the new green technologies that has sprouted up during this period has been digital textile printing. Traditionally, textile printing has been one of the most harmful thi... Continue Reading

How to Design a Beautiful Display Banner

One of the most effective ways of marketing your business’s products or services is to design a display banner. However, anybody who has ever seen a banner can tell you that not all designs are created equally. If you want to create positive buzz for your company, a special event, or a new product launch, it is impor... Continue Reading

How to Ensure Your Designs Print Flawlessly on Fabric

If you want your printed designs to look flawless – and who doesn’t?--  there are steps you can take before sending your design to a professional printer. When submitting artwork or a design idea to a printing company, it is important to use the appropriate characteristics to hasten the process and eliminate any p... Continue Reading

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