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5 Commonly Overlooked Costs of Direct Mail Marketing

Even as digital marketing is becoming more and more prevalent, classic direct mail marketing still plays a vital role in a company’s marketing mix. Studies have shown that direct mail marketing commands much higher response rates than digital avenues, especially among Millennials. Additional surveys have shown that ... Continue Reading

How to Calibrate for Web to Print

Many designers have run into the problem of getting colors in print to match what is on their monitor screen. If you’re engaged in some sort of professional creative work, the importance of proper color calibration cannot be understated. Without color calibration, much of your work with images isn’t being used to ... Continue Reading

5 Benefits of Choosing a Managed Print Services

Also known as MPS, managed print services is a service offered by printing companies to help businesses with streamlining print management and minimizing costs that are associated with printing. As a business grows, it becomes less and less practical to do all of its printing in-house, and working with a company that ... Continue Reading

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