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Are Backlit Fabric Signs Cost Effective?

In case you haven’t noticed, backlit fabric signs are everywhere. Fabric is quickly becoming the preferred choice for businesses looking to incorporate a commercial-grade backlit sign. Whether you’re looking for an attractive way to promote a retail product, an institutional art display, or to show off your compan... Continue Reading

Choosing the Right Commercial Printing Provider

When your business is in need of a professional printing company, it should not be a decision that is taken lightly. If you’ve spent as much time in the printing industry that we have at iTek, you’ll quickly realize that the quality of printing can vary greatly from company to company and that the same design, sam... Continue Reading

Clever Uses for Personalized Marketing

Now that we’re fully engulfed in a world where user experience and customer service reign supreme, it has become even more important to know how to use personalized marketing in clever ways. Long gone are the days when people received mail addressed “to whom it may concern” and “occupant,” and we’re now at... Continue Reading

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