Best Practices for Printing Brochures

Best Practices for Printing Brochures

One of the most popular ways that companies promote services, products, and events is the brochure. Whether you’re using a brochure for a direct mail campaign, handout promotion, or for in-person distribution, you’re going to want to ensure that the brochure reflects well on your company’s products and values. Here at iTek, the employees at our professional printing company are here to advise you on how to create the perfect brochures.

Before telling you some best practices for brochure printing, we should first define what we mean by brochure. A brochure is a document that has printing on both sides of one sheet and is folded in one of several different possible configurations. One piece of paper offers a surprising amount of design options, so we’re here to give you some tips on brochure creation.

Define Your Target Market

Before you get to work on creating your brochure, you should think about what you’re trying to accomplish with it. Who is going to be reading the brochure? What products, services, or events are you trying to promote? If the brochure is to promote a sale, the brochure should be visually appealing and well-designed. If you’re trying to communicate a large amount of technical information in a small space, you should include as much detail as possible without sacrificing ease of communication. Before finalizing your brochure and sending it out, test it out by giving samples to people who represent your target audience and get their feedback.

Define Your Style

Once you know who your target audience is, you can define your style. When talking about style, you’re referring to a wide range of design choices, including choice of imagery, color, and logos and fonts. The overall theme of your brochure should be in line with your corporate identity and remain consistent with your brand image. For instance, if your company’s image is professional and refined, it’s not advisable to use bright colors, silly fonts, and cartoon art.

Use the Right Design Tool

If you’re creating a simple brochure with text and a few graphics, then you can create small amounts of brochures with word processing software. The use of professional design tools, like the ones that we have at our custom printing company, will ensure that the brochure’s layout strikes a balance between image, color, and text information. Rather than using lengthy sentences, incorporate pictures that tell a story.

Utilize a Professional Printing Company

Assuming you’re printing more than a couple of brochures, hiring a professional printing company such as iTek will save you time, provide your necessary expertise, and give you access to the latest in printing technology. You won’t need to worry about purchasing ink and toner, and you can simply explain what you want and an expert will take care of it for you.

Concord, NC Brochure Printing

Now that you know some of the best practices for brochure printing, you likely want to get your design ready and get your brochures printed. Here at iTek, we’re a locally-owned and operated company that specializes in large-scale printing, flyer printing, and brochure printing. Contact us today at (704) 457-7687.