Can A Calendar Be an Effective Marketing Strategy?

Can A Calendar Be an Effective Marketing Strategy?

An underutilized way to get your business’s name and presence out there in the world is by using a print calendar. You likely see custom-made calendars for various businesses hanging in offices and public places around town, and having a professionally-created calendar made is money well spent, as it is used for an entire year. Here at iTek, your local Concord, NC print shop, our professionals are ready to help your business create an attractive, creative calendar that will attract new customers and bring in new business.

Use a Professional Printing Company

Because calendars are supposed to last an entire year, it’s vital that high-quality printing materials are used. In order to make your calendar look at professional and as attention-grabbing as possible, each page should be durable and vibrant, using high-quality paper. At our printing shop, we can warn you that low-quality calendars are often thrown away because companies don’t want to be associated with an inferior calendar. To get your order of calendars to arrive on time, you should also select a printing company that is reputable and will deliver your calendars on time without any delays.

Incorporate Product Photos

If your business is selling specific products, including as photos in your calendar is a great way to market them. Because the calendar will be in a place that everybody can see, make sure that the photos are simple and not too gaudy. The product photos may be the first time that many people encounter your company, so hire a professional photographer to ensure the best possible quality. For each month, include a different product photo that showcases a different element of your business.

Promote Your Events

Calendars already include national holidays, so why not use that idea to promote your company’s events? If you have these things planned far in advance, include them in your marketing materials so that you customers have a heads up on what’s going on at your company.

Incorporate Product Information or Promos on Each Page

Everybody loves a good deal. People are naturally attracted to discount offers or other freebies that can help them save money. Including these offers on the pages of your company calendar is a great way to draw extra attention, as well as inform customers of the different products that you offer. Make sure that the product description is short and concise, as descriptions that are too wordy can create disinterest.

Use a Throwback Calendar

If your company has been doing business for decades, use this chance to print calendars that feature old company photos. This gives people the idea that your business is a linchpin in the community, and they will see how much your business has evolved over time.

Work with a Trusted Concord, NC Printers

If you’ve decided that a calendar will be an effective marketing tool for your company, contact the friendly professional printers at iTek today. We specialize in a variety of printing solutions, including calendar printing, wide format printing, offset printing, and inkjet printing. Contact us today at 704-457-7687 for calendar printing options.