Clever Uses for Personalized Marketing

Clever Uses for Personalized Marketing

Now that we’re fully engulfed in a world where user experience and customer service reign supreme, it has become even more important to know how to use personalized marketing in clever ways. Long gone are the days when people received mail addressed “to whom it may concern” and “occupant,” and we’re now at the point where simply using a person’s name has become trite and tiresome.

The most successful companies know how to use personalized marketing in creative and unique ways, and the professionals here at iTek are ready to help your company reach as many customers as possible by utilizing these clever personalized marketing strategies.

  • The Address Block

If you’re running a small business or a startup, you likely know that marketing can be a challenge. Unfortunately, it is often the case that customer databases can simply be business cards that you’ve collected or a local carrier route list secured through the local post office. Even if this is true, you still can utilize an address block, which is a great way to personalize direct mail.

By using the services of a printing company, you can add digital print personalization that will add a map showing directions to your business from the recipient’s location. Alternately, you can use pictures of local landmarks to provide a feeling of closeness and relevance. Finally, you can use seasonal weather data to market the most-bought products at certain times of year.

  • Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Because studies have shown that acquiring new customers costs five times as much as retaining existing ones, it is more cost-effective to focus on customer loyalty. Instead of simply asking for names and addresses when customers sign up, utilize effective direct mail marketing strategies like asking for birthdays, family information, hobbies, and favorite color combinations. Also, consider offering a freebie or gift if they email a picture of themselves using your product.

Once you have all the customer information, personalize their rewards mailing with their picture, their unique information, and a special offer that best fits the data that they sent to you.

  • Purchase History

You’ve likely noticed that when you browse a product on a company’s website but do not buy it, you’ll receive a barrage of ads related to that product. Many consumers find this tactic annoying, so instead of using this strategy, work with data on actual purchases. This way, you know that the customer has already purchased the item and would likely be willing to do so again.

In your customer database, you should set parameters that trigger offers for “complementary” products or services, or a timeline for replacement if the purchased item is expendable. For instance, if you own a cellphone company and the customer bought a new phone, follow it up with a postcard or mailing showing cell phone accessories such as headphones or cases.

  • Concord, NC Personalized Marketing

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