Cool Backlit Printing Ideas

Cool Backlit Printing Ideas

Increasing numbers of businesses are turning to attractive backlit displays to stand out in a sea of similar advertising methods. Backlit signs and fabric displays can be found in airports, museums, casinos, sporting arenas, and more, and are often used by companies looking for a way to grab peoples’ attention. Backlighting technology can be found on signs, banners, and lightbox displays.

With all the endless display options for backlit banners, it can be difficult to determine how you want to showcase this versatile material. Here at iTek, our team of print and display professionals has years of experience working with backlit and non-backlit displays. Here are some ideas for utilizing this attention-grabbing, fun, and attractive material. 


Trade Show Displays

When your company is exhibiting at a trade show, you’re going to want to ensure that you stand out among all the different booths. One simple way to do that is by having a backlit fabric display or a backlit sign at your booth. On the display, make sure to include your company’s name and logo in bright colors so that it creates a memorable impression for attendees and makes them want to learn more about your products and services. 

There are two main types of backlit display available for use at trade shows. Both are solid options for people looking for an attractive display, but the two differ in a few key ways. 

Lightbox Displays

Lightbox displays feature a squared frame that is built from lightweight aluminum extrusions. The LED lights are built into the sides of the frame, and they are illuminated inward towards the center of the frame. With lightbox displays, the frame can be printed on both the front and back, and it can be up to 20 feet wide. They are easy to set up and weigh up to 100 pounds total. 

Backlit Fabric Displays

Another option for backlit printing is the backlit tension fabric display. This type of display is thinner than a lightbox display and features a frame that is made of heavy-duty two-inch aluminum tubing. It has wrinkle-resistant polyester stretch fabric that covers the frame and zips closed. The lights are hung from the top bar of the frame, providing consistent light from top to bottom, right to left. 


Airports, Sports Arenas, and Shopping Malls

Backlit printing is a great solution for businesses looking to showcase their products or services in high-traffic areas such as airports, sports arenas, shopping malls, and bus shelters. Because backlit signs are full of depth and have more detail and clarity than other printing methods or ink choices, they have these advantages for use in public locations:

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Visible during the day and night
  • Easy to read from a distance
  • Vibrant colors attract attention
  • Used for short or long-term displays
  • Can be reused


Backlit Printing in Concord, NC

If you are looking to implement a backlit display into your advertising campaign, turn to the professionals at iTek, We specialize in a variety of print and display solutions, including backlit fabric signs and banners. Our friendly team strives for 100 percent satisfaction and works with our customers side by side throughout the whole process. 

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