Creative Themes for Calendar Printing

Creative Themes for Calendar Printing

Calendar printing is one of the most effective and attention-grabbing marketing strategies your company can undertake. Unlike some other marketing strategies, calendars are practical and visible to everybody who visits your company’s offices. Many companies choose to send their calendars to current or prospective clients, who then admire and display them. 

Whether you choose to create wall calendars or desk calendars, a calendar is a blank slate onto which you can be as creative as you want. Here at iTek, one of the specialties of our professional print team is calendar printing and design. If you’re having trouble thinking of ideas for your company calendars, here are some ideas to get you started. 

Landscape Calendars

One of the most enduring types of calendar design is that of famous beautiful landscapes. Both urban and natural landscapes are a popular theme for travel agencies and tourism offices. Landscape themes are better for wall calendars, which have more space to display the pictures than daily calendars do. 


Sports Calendars

Sports are something that are popular with a wide swathe of people, and whether you choose to display football, baseball, basketball, or hockey players, sports calendars are a popular choice for printing. If your business is focused in one city or regional area, consider making your sports calendars themed around the local teams. 


Animal Calendars

There are not many people who don’t enjoy seeing pictures of cute animals. Attaching your business’s name to a cute animal on a marketing calendar is a great way to create positive sentiment for your brand. When planning your calendar printing job, consider that animal themes will work on both monthly and daily calendars. 


Interesting Fact Calendars

If your customers are trivia buffs, consider loading your calendars with fun, unique facts that they will appreciate. These can be relevant to your industry, your customers’ lifestyles, or just general facts. If you choose this type of calendar, consider making it a “fact of the day” calendar where a page is torn off each day. 


Quotation Calendars

Quotation calendars are a great way to get people motivated. They are versatile and can be used to reveal gems or truth, or you can use them to showcase creative fonts. You can use magnet and poster calendars to display one powerful quote, or you can showcase many quotes by printing wall calendars. 


Humor Calendars

If you want to make your customer laugh, humor calendars should do the job. For one-liners, consider printing poster and magnet calendars, while wall calendars will give you enough material for the entire year. 


Deal Calendars

One way to drum up business is to distribute deal calendars, where each month includes a promo code that allows customers to save money on a product or service. 


Concord, NC Calendar Printing

Now that you have some creative calendar ideas, our professional printing company is happy to bring them to life. We serve the entire Concord, NC region with a wide array of printing services, including calendar printing, and our team of professionals will work with you side by side throughout the entire job. 

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