Cutting Costs with Commercial Printing

Cutting Costs with Commercial Printing

No matter the size of your business, you likely need professional design and printing services. Instead of doing the work in-house, which requires the use of a costly expert or expensive printing equipment, businesses can often cut costs by outsourcing their printing needs to a commercial printing company. Working with an experienced company staffed with the top professionals in the business can not only reduce costs, but it can greatly increase the quality of your business’s printed materials. 

Here at iTek, our team of professional printers is ready to help you save money on your next printing job. Here are some ways in which you can reduce costs when working with a professional printing company. 

Proof Everything Before Sending the Job to the Printer

Before sending in your finalized job to our printing service, make sure that everything, including graphics, font styles and sizes, colors, transparencies, and spellings, are proofed. Doing this will save time and reduce costs. 

Choose Digital Printing Instead of Offset

While offset printing often results in superior quality, if you’re looking to cut costs, digital print is the way to go. This is especially true for small-batch jobs that do not require the best image quality. 

Make Sure Your Job is in the Proper Format

If you opt for digital printing, make sure that your files are in the correct format so that they do not get sent back to you. Your graphic designer should have a pre-flight checklist involving things such as fonts, images, colors, and transparency issues. 

Ask Your Printer for Paper Stock Suggestions

Usually the quality and weight of the paper will affect the cost and quality of the finished commercial printing job. Many printers have particular paper stocks that they use, so talk to our friendly staff to see which ones can deliver the best cost/quality balance. 

Avoid Image Bleed

In general, using a lot of images on your print job will drive up costs. One technique in particular that should be avoided is called image bleed. This refers to a document that contains an image or images that extend beyond the trim edge of the paper. 

Personalize and Target

Often, print services such as iTek will offer personalization and customer targeting services such as database processing and mailing list procurement. Utilize these services, because they often pay for themselves. 

Larger Quantity Runs

If you think you may need more of a printed piece in the future, it is more cost-effective to do fewer large-quantity runs rather than more small-quantity runs, especially if you are offset printing. 


Expert Printers in Concord, NC

If you’re looking to reduce the costs of your next print job, turn to the professionals at iTek. Our Concord, NC printing company works on a variety of commercial printing projects, including both offset and digital printing, as well as wide format and grand format printing. 

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