Design Tips for Backlit Fabric Signs

Design Tips for Backlit Fabric Signs

First impressions go a long way, especially in the fast-paced environment of trade shows. Exhibiting your products or services in a trade show is about presenting your product in an attractive and compelling way, along with meeting prospective buyers or clients. Having an attractive and eye-catching trade show booth can attract attendees to your booth and help to create new relationships. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by installing a backlit fabric banner. 

Consider these backlit fabric printing tips from the team of professionals at iTek. 


Light Up Your Logo

An attractive backlit fabric banner is pointless if attendees do not know your company’s name. Because of this, make sure that your logo is brightly illuminated. When illuminated against a matte background, a backlit logo is especially visually striking. You can choose to either back light the logo or internally illuminate it.   


Use Backlit Sectional Fabric

Backlit sectional fabric has the advantage of using light to attract peoples’ eyes from various areas of a trade show floor. No matter if people are looking at your booth from the front, the side, or from behind, the unique backlit lighting catches their eyes and makes them take notice. In addition to being attractive and eye-catching, backlit sectional fabric is also lightweight, inexpensive, modern, and stylish. 


Use Video and Video Walls or Signage

A simple way to grab peoples’ attention at a trade show is by using backlit video or wall signage. Mounted on a fabric screen, video is bright, utilizes movement, and will grab the attention of everybody in the vicinity. When creating a video, make sure to incorporate all your brand’s design trademarks and ensure that the logo is clear and obvious. 


Use Bold Colors

The trade show booths that tend to stand out the most at a show are the ones that use bold colors. When creating your backlit fabric designs, use bold colors if you want to draw attention. If you’ve got a color palette in mind, talk to a print to fabric color specialist at iTek and consider how you can freshen up your existing logo with some bold colors in the booth. Make sure to use colors that delight the senses rather than those that create negative associations with your brand or its products. 


Illuminate Your Interactive Elements and Display Cases

Whether you decide to use hanging lights or illuminated glass, illuminating your display cases and other interactive elements is a unique way to get people to your booth. When a display cases is lit up with bold backlit fabric, attendees will want to know what products you’re offering and how they can work with your company. 


Your Source for Backlit Fabric Signs

iTek is your North Carolina source for attractive and eye-catching backlit fabric signs. Our professionals specialize in customizing graphic displays, display banners, print to fabric, and direct mail services. 

If you want to get started on a custom backlit fabric sign, contact iTek at (704) 457-7687.