Designing a Banner for the Venue

Designing a Banner for the Venue

In order for your event banner to be effective, there are a few general rules that must be followed. One of the most important is that the physical dimensions of the venue or event space must be taken into consideration so that your banner is the proper size. The last thing you want is a banner that is far too small or too large for your space and ends up looking unprofessional or downright silly. Making sure that your banner fits properly will have the effects of boosting the public’s perception of your brand and will make attendees more likely to approach your display booth or table. 

One of the best tips for designing a banner for the venue is to work with a professional printing company such as iTek. Our team or print experts have years of experience with banner design and would like to offer these tips on how to best create a banner for your event space. 


How Large is the Event Space?

Before designing your display banners, you first need to figure out the total space of the venue. In order to stand out in a large outdoor space or an indoor venue such as an arena, you will need a large, attention-grabbing banner. If you choose one that is too small, it will appear to be dwarfed by its surroundings. At the other end of the spectrum, if your venue is a small one like a conference room, a big banner will look out of place and could even be impossible to install. In cases like this, we recommend AutoPops, which are small, eye-catching 3D displays that automatically unfold in seconds. 

Some venues and trade show halls will have signage size restrictions for banners. Make sure to check with the event provider to ensure that your banner does not exceed any restrictions. 


Banner Design Tips

Once you know the size of the banner, it is time to start planning the design aspects. Our banner fabric printing experts have plenty of experience in banner design, so here are a few tips. 

Large and easy to read text: Also be sure to consider font. The best fonts for banners are Helvetica, Georgia, and PT Sans. 

Simple, focused message: Try to avoid including full sentences of text on your banner. Instead, focus on slogans that best represent your company or the product that you are selling. 

Relevant image: Instead of using generic stock photos in your banner, consider using creative images that are relevant to your brand. 

Effective color usage: Compared to darker hues, bright colors lead to more energy and action from observers of the image. 

Smart layout: It is important not to overcrowd your banner. Also, be sure to prioritize space and placement for your company’s logo, the slogan, and the call to action. 


Concord, NC Banner Printing

Here at iTek, our team has decades of experience in fabric banner printing. If you’re looking for an attention-grabbing banner at your next trade show, work with our team of design and print experts. We have all the experience, high-tech equipment, and printing knowledge that you require. 

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