Direct Mail Isn’t Dead & Why It’s Still Effective

Direct Mail Isn’t Dead & Why It’s Still Effective

If you think that direct mail is dead is in this increasingly digital world, think again. Of course digital and email marketing are more popular than ever, but the reality is that direct mail still holds a vital spot in the marketing mix. Studies have repeatedly shown that direct mail has a higher response rate than digital methods, is a better method of targeting your audience, and has a personalized feel that digital methods do not. 

Here at iTek, our team of professional printers and marketing experts is here to help your business with its direct mail campaign. We provide direct mail services like address list managing, database processing, mailing list procurement, and much more. Here are some reasons why direct mail is more relevant than ever in this day and age. 

Direct Mail is Effective

Studies have shown that direct mail gives you more bang for your buck than both paid search and online display ads. It is only one percent behind social media marketing when it comes to return on investment. Moreover, the household response rate for direct mail is a massive 5.1 percent, compared to only 0.6 percent for email and 0.4 percent for social media. The 5.1 percent represents a 173 percent increase since 2006, meaning people are responding to direct mail marketing more than ever. 

Direct Mail is Personal

Unlike digital marketing, direct mail can help you connect with your intended audience on a personal level. Using direct mail, you can tailor your message to specific customers and make your piece more engaging. Nowadays, people are used to receiving a boatload of spam emails and impersonal ads on social media, and receiving a letter in the mail with their names on it can be a welcome change. Studies have shown that adding a name to a direct mail piece can increase response rates by 135 percent. 

Direct Mail is Engaging

Research in a field called neuromarketing shows that holding a physical mail piece triggers desirability and improves a prospect’s perception of your brand. Other studies have shown that brands that advertise with direct mail are more likely to be remembered than those who don’t. Brand recall is 70 percent higher when customers are exposed to direct mail as opposed to digital. 

Direct Mail Gets Attention

Studies have shown that people encounter around 63 display ads daily as we browse the Internet, and we are inundated with spam emails. In contrast, the average person only receives around two pieces of mail per day. While most spam emails immediately get sent to the trash, a piece of direct mail can be left on a person’s counter for days, imploring the recipient to think about it and act on it. 

Work With Direct Mail Specialists

Here at iTek, our print and direct mail company has been serving the Concord, NC area for decades. We offer a number of different personalized marketing solutions, including mailing list procurement, database processing, IMBD mail, high-volume mailing, and address list managing.

Now that you know why direct mail should still be a part of your marketing strategy, call us at (704) 457-7687 to learn how we can help.