Direct Mail Marketing and Millennials

Direct Mail Marketing and Millennials

If you believe the popular press, Millennials are constantly glued to their phones and couldn’t care less about engaging with direct mail marketing. While this myth continues to persist, there is plenty of empirical data that shows that such broad generalizations should be met with skepticism. It’s certainly true that Millennials grew up with digital technology, but if you look at the research, the majority of Millennials pay attention to direct mail marketing.

Here at iTek, our direct mail marketing professionals are here to help your business find the best way to engage with Millennials. Here are some tips on how to effectively utilize direct mail marketing to reach Millennial consumers.

What Millennials Think About Direct Mail: The Stats

The stereotype is that the only way to market to Millennials is through digital and social media methods, but research conducted by a number of different companies shows otherwise. Here are some choice statistics that demonstrate that using direct mail to target Millennials is far from a lost cause.

  • 64% of Millennials would rather scan for useful information in the mail than email
  • 77% of Millennials pay attention to direct mail advertising
  • 87% of Millennials like receiving direct mail
  • 57% of Millennials have made purchases based on direct mail offers

Another metric to show how effective direct mail is among Millennials is by comparing their attitudes toward direct mail to those of other age groups. Here is what studies have found:

  • Millennials are more likely to scan the mail than non-Millennials
  • Millennials are less likely to discard mail without reading it than non-Millennials
  • Millennials are more likely to show the mail to others compared to non-Millennials

How to Use Direct Mail to Market to Millennials

Now that you know how much Millennials prefer direct mail to other forms of marketing, how does your company utilize this information?

Build a Mailing List

As demographic data available to marketers becomes more and more accurate, try to find ways to leverage this data to reach possible consumers. By utilizing big data, you can build a mailing list based on behaviors, demographics, and life events.

Incorporate Multimedia and Digital

Combine your direct mailings with multimedia and digital methods, such as QR Code barcodes, near field communication, or augmented reality. Encourage direct mail recipients to visit  your company’s social media page to get special offers or coupons.

Use Enhancements to Make your Mailing Stand Out

If you want your piece of direct mail to stand out in a pile of mailings, use enhancements such as scent, sound, or texture. Utilize creative or unique fonts as well as different paper stocks. A professional direct mail company can help you achieve this.

Test and Track

When starting a new campaign or strategy, track everything, from images and ad copy to targeting and time slotting. It’s important that the action of the consumer get broken down and tracked based on a lot of different factors.

North Carolina Direct Mail Marketing Company

When designing your direct mailings, it is recommended that you work with a printing company that knows their salt. Here at iTek, we’ve been in the business for decades, and we offer North Carolina businesses a variety of different services including personalized marketing, direct mail marketing, and a large number of print services.

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