Direct Mail Marketing & Gen Z

Direct Mail Marketing & Gen Z
While many people are focusing a lot of time and effort on the Millennial generation, savvy marketers are learning about Generation Z. Also referred to as Post-Millennials or Zoomers, Generation Z encompasses anybody who was born between 1995 and 2010. With its older members now entering their mid-20s, it is becoming increasingly important to understand how to reach them. By next year, Generation Z members will account for 40 percent of all American consumers, and as such, Generation Z direct mail marketing tactics are starting to form. The professional marketers at iTek have been studying how to most effectively reach these digital-native consumers. Our direct mail marketing experts would like to share these tips about how to effectively market to Generation Z with direct mail. 

Be Authentic

Studies have shown that members of Generation Z value transparency, honesty, and authenticity. Your direct mail needs to include copy that is engaging, true, and doesn’t feel like “corporate-speak.” Unlike other generations, Generation Z doesn’t care that you are an industry leader and will not be swayed by hand-picked testimonials. Because members of Generation Z was raised on the Internet, they know how to read reviews of your business online, and they are adept at tuning out what they consider to be inauthentic.  In order to effectively engage with Generation Z through direct mail, utilize personalized marketing techniques. Work with a company like iTek to utilize direct mail CRM integration or a direct mail API that helps you understand your audience’s interests, actions, and values. Be sure to personalize your direct mail and include user-generated content or customer voices. 

Support Social and Local Causes

Generation Z is extremely driven to make the world a better place. Thus, if your mailings can show that your company supports efforts to drive social change and improve the lives of members of the community, Generation Z will be more likely to support you. Do things like partner with local charities or even build your own social program. 

Express Value

Even if you can be authentic and support social causes, you still need to be focused on value. Price pays a large role in the purchasing decisions of Generation Z, and studies have shown it is a generation that saves rather than spends. However, do not think that they will be enamored with a good just because it is cheap. Generation Z appreciates a combination of quality and low price, overall value. 

Generation Z and Direct Mail

Members of Generation Z have never lived without the Internet and thus are constantly inundated with digital ads and experiences they view as inauthentic. Studies have shown that they view direct mail as more personalized than online efforts, as it shows that marketers have taken the time to send something directly to them. Direct mail should be a part of your cross-channel marketing effort if you want to effectively reach Generation Z. 

Concord, NC Direct Mail Marketing

Here at iTek, we understand that direct mail is an incredibly powerful tool when used properly.  Our marketers understand how to create value through direct mail marketing, and we offer a wide range of direct mail services, including address list managing, database processing, and mailing list procurement.  To learn more about our direct mail marketing services, contact us at (704) 457-7687.