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Human beings are visual creatures – there really is no getting around it. Now, thanks to our stunning display services, we at iTek are prepared to leverage the full power of our experience to YOUR advantage, getting your message out to the widest possible audience in a way that they won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Print to Fabric

At iTek, we’re incredibly proud of the various print to fabric formats that we offer for clients to choose from depending on their needs. This is a great way to give your signage and other graphics not only a unique look, but a unique feel – one that makes an incredibly lasting impression on everyone it comes into contact with.

Backlit Displays
Frontlit Displays
Silicon Edge Graphics, otherwise known as SEG Displays

Graphic Displays

At iTek, we can also work directly with you to come up with all the graphic displays you need in formats designed specifically to help you accomplish your long-term goals. A few of the graphic display formats that we’re accustomed to include, but are not limited to, ones like:

Wall Graphics
Vehicle Wraps

Display Banners

iTek can also work with a wide range of display banner formats, including AutoPops – which are stunning, large format 3D graphics that assemble in seconds. We also offer fabric displays, vinyl banners and much more. Regardless of the environment that you’re working with or the goal you’re trying to accomplish, we can guarantee beyond the shadow of a doubt that we’ve got the format you need and that your audience deserves.

Trade Show Displays

Finally, we arrive at trade show displays – STILL one of the best opportunities you have to make the most out of every event you attend. With our wide format printing capabilities, we can handle ANY challenge that you throw our way – both large and small. Whether you need something massive and attention-grabbing or just want to lend your booth a unique visual flair with some custom signage, iTek has the skills needed to help you accomplish your goals – and then some!

Whatever the job,

we have the equipment for it

At iTek, we are proud of our robust and forward-thinking equipment capabilities. We are always evolving and bringing in top of the line printers and equipment. It’s imperative to us to stay up-to-date on new technology and introduce new ways to customize projects for our clients. Our capabilities include offset printing, wide format printing and more. We’ve got you covered where it counts.

Having a technical issue?

Our Print Handbook can help

Your one-stop shop for guides and other helpful information you will need to bring your vision into a stunning reality. In our handbook, you will find technical support resources and helpful installation how-to videos to make your process easier. You'll also gain access to time-saving designer resources like downloadable templates and paper conversion charts.



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