Finding the Right Print Shop for Your Needs

Finding the Right Print Shop for Your Needs

Choosing the right printing shop is essential for the success of your printing project. No matter what industry your business is in, you likely have a lot of printing needs throughout the year, and it can be difficult to find a trusted, professional print shop in your area. When selecting a local print company, it is important to look at their portfolio, the quality of their printing equipment, and what kind of print jobs they complete. 

Here at iTek, we are a Concord, NC print company that does a little bit of everything: print, display, direct mail, managed print, fulfillment, and more. Here is what makes a great print shop and how working with a professional printing company can help your business grow. 

Look for a Variety of Services

A quality print shop will be able to complete a variety of different print services. Most modern businesses require more than one just type of printing job to be completed, and any print shop worth its salt will be able to adapt to your needs. Instead of developing a relationship with several specialized print shops, it is ideal to work with one print shop that can do it all. For instance, a printing company should be able to print both large and small format, print on different types of media, print to fabric, and print labels. 


Review Their Portfolio

When shopping for print shops, one way in which you can judge their quality and previous work is by reviewing their portfolio. Any reputable printing company will have a portfolio posted on their website, and sometimes it can be beneficial to visit the shop in person so that you can see how their work looks. Take a look at the flyers and brochures that they printed so that you can assess their level of quality and professionalism. 


Digital Printing

In this day and age, digital media is becoming just as important as printed media, so the print shop you choose should be able to work with digital formats. For instance, our printing shop can work with both variable data printing and on-demand printing, both of which are a perfect solution for maximizing your return on investment. 


Meet the Team in Person

There’s only so much you can while reviewing the websites of print shops in your area. To get a true feel of what it would be like to work with somebody, it is essential that you meet in person. The staff should be able to guide you on the right materials to use for your printing project and showcase all their products and services. 


How Working with a Concord, NC Print Shop Can Help Your Business

Here at iTek, our Concord, NC printing shop has been helping businesses achieve their goals for decades. Having attractive and attention-grabbing marketing and printed materials can go a long way in helping your business gain a following. Our experienced team of print professionals has access to the newest printing technologies, and we will work with you side by side throughout your entire project. 

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