Four Tips for Wide Format Printing

Four Tips for Wide Format Printing

Also known as large format printing, wide format printing is the term for printing images that are larger than usual. Compared to normal printing, wide format printing presents an additional challenge because everything is larger and there is more room for mistakes. However, wide format printing is one of the fastest-growing printing methods for marketers because it allows for the capability to be printed on various substrates, it can be used for indoor and outdoor signs, and it is an eye-catching way to promote your business.

Here at iTek, our local printing shop has these helpful tips for businesses looking to utilize wide format printing.

Use Vector Images

When selecting your source image that our print shop is going to print, you’ll come across both vector images and JPEGs and other bitmap formats. When you can, choose vector images, because unlike bitmapped images, they are not comprised of individual pixels assigned with a fixed location and color value. Instead, their shapes, lines, and colors are defined by mathematical equations. The end result of all this is that no matter how large you scale a vector image, it will stay sharp, making vector images a great choice for wide format printing.

Be Picky With Fonts

Because wide format images are meant to be read from a distance, the font that you choose makes a big difference. Fonts should be chosen for both style and readability, and as such, many people find script styles and serif fonts difficult to make out. Keep in mind that sans serif fonts with wide spacing between letters make the gaps between words less obvious. Also, try not to choose fonts that crowd the letters together, fonts that are too bold, and fonts made with very thin lines. A few examples of fonts that are good for wide format printing include Georgia, Ariel, Times New Roman, and Verdana.

Balance is Important

Posters, signs, banners, and other things that utilize wide format printing are all meant to be read and absorbed quickly. This means that the print should not be over cluttered with too much graphics and text. However, you don’t want the design to be too sparse, as you still want to grab people’s attention. To achieve this balance, only use a few strategically-placed graphics, use graphics that are simple, and try to use as few words as possible while still getting your message across.

Choose Colors Wisely

Similar to font type, colors are something that can made a big difference in the readability of your design. Make sure that your font color blends nicely with your background color, and do not overload the design by using too many colors. Two or three colors are typically enough to make your point. Instead of setting your design software to RGB color space, utilize the CMYK mode, which has a more accurate color rendition.

Concord, NC Printing Company

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