How Digital Printing Can Help Grow Your Small Business

How Digital Printing Can Help Grow Your Small Business

Back before the internet was ubiquitous in everyday life, one of the most common ways that people spread the word about local businesses was in person. However, today’s world is largely different. Instead of talking over the watercooler or sharing a conversation with our mechanic, we are inundated with a barrage of digital ads and we get most of our information from the internet.  

Even with the massive uptick in online advertising, it’s still important in a lot of industries to build real in-person business connections. For instance, small businesses in the fields of accounting, graphic design, law, and real estate can be greatly helped by in-person connection. One of the best ways of doing this and thus growing your small business is by utilizing digital printing. A local print shop such as ours can help you out with all your digital printing solutions. Here are a few tips on how to utilize digital printing.

Personalized Coupons

Some of the longest-running retailers in the world built their name through annual Friends and Family sales events. When these events occur, they offer coupons and special introductory credit card offers through printed pieces and emails that customers can pass to one another and introduce to new customers. In order for this offer to be mutually beneficial, a small business can give customers points or some kind of reward based on the number of coupons they hand out.

Digital printing done at a printing shop can help enhance these coupons. By using digital printing, you can track these coupons with referring name mentions or unique codes created by a professional printer.

Creative Branding

No matter what type of small business you own, proper branding is essential. Even in today’s digital world, business cards are still ubiquitous, and small businesses need to have a personalized business card that advertises their products and services. Because so many business cards look the same, you should do what it takes to stand out from the pile.

A printing company will be able to utilize digital printing methods in order to create unique business cards that are oversized, have a perf-off panel, or even offer discounts or 2D barcodes to capture leads. Also, digital printing makes it easy to have multiple versions of your business card that you use on different occasions.

Stylish Promotions

Think about the calendars that businesses like churches and banks give out on a yearly basis. They hang in houses and businesses all over town, allowing them to be seen by neighbors, relatives, and friends. Of course, your business can utilize digital printing to create a calendar, but there are also other ways to promote yourself. Other creative ideas include custom playing cards, wall art, or even sticky notes.

Digital Printing in Concord, NC

iTek is a long-running, family-owned Concord, NC printing shop that offers a variety of services including digital printing, commercial printing, and direct mail. Our professionals are also happy to help your small business with your print marketing campaign, and we work with clients in a number of different industries all across North Carolina. To get the ball rolling with us, give us a call at (704) 457-7687.

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