How Technology is Changing the Printing Industry

How Technology is Changing the Printing Industry

The advent and massive utilization of digital printing has permanently changed the printing industry in a relatively short period of time. Established methods of accomplishing tasks and completing projects and quickly becoming obsolete, and if your company wants to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive marketing, it’s vital to understand the different ways that technology has changed commercial printing. Here at iTek, your local Concord, NC printing company, we’re committed to continually educating ourselves on the latest in printing technologies and providing technologically advanced solutions to all of our customers.

Digital Print Technologies

One of the biggest factors driving technological change in the printing industry is digital print technology. While print used to be dominated by letterpress, digital has become the dominant printing process. Digital printing has a number of advantages of traditional ways of printing, including:

Cost: Digital printing has greatly brought down the cost of completing large print jobs. And even when a printing project is small, offset printing takes a long time to set up and costs more than a digital print. No matter how small or large a project is, it’s more cost-effective to utilize digital printing services.

Accuracy: When you have a digital image, no matter how many times you print it, technology can accurately produce the same high-quality image. One of the main disadvantages of traditional offset printing was the amount of waste that was created, which is a problem that’s eliminated with digital printing.

Quick Turnaround: When traditional offset printing was the dominant printing technology, it involved a lengthy preparation of the printing press. In comparison, digital printing is a quick printing method where files can be printed out immediately.

Medium of Printing: Thanks to the nature of digital printing, you can use it to print on a variety of different or unusual surfaces, including vinyl. No matter the size, finish, or surface of the paper, it can be printed digitally.

Digital Inkjet Printing

In the past few years, a number of new advanced digital inkjet printers have come onto the market. Offset printing has seen a steady drop as commercial inkjet printers have become faster, more reliable, and of higher quality. Nowadays, professional-grade, high-speed inkjet printers are able to render text at up to 4,000 words per minute, and speeds for images and graphics are nearly at that level.

Here at our print shop in Concord, NC, we have a number of highly-advanced commercial inkjet printers with digital printing capabilities, such as:

Indigo 10000: This advanced printer allows our company to provide the most cost-effective production method. Whether you’re looking for a short printing run or a high-value variable data page, this printer covers a wide variety of applications. The superior quality of the Indigo 10000 allows it to be compatible with more than 3,000 different substrates, such as coated, uncoated, metallic, pressure sensitive, and specialty plastics.

Indigo 7900: The Indigo 7900 digital printer offers intelligent automation, high productivity, and unprecedented quality. It also boasts the Vision System, allowing for an uptime to a maximum and operator error to a minimum.

At iTek, we are a professional printing shop with decades of experience in the industry. We’re here to assist your company with whatever printing needs that you have, so if you’re ready to get the ball rolling, don’t hesitate to contact us.