How to Calibrate for Web to Print

How to Calibrate for Web to Print

Many designers have run into the problem of getting colors in print to match what is on their monitor screen. If you’re engaged in some sort of professional creative work, the importance of proper color calibration cannot be understated. Without color calibration, much of your work with images isn’t being used to its full potential.

Thankfully, there are a full easy steps that you can take to improve your color matching and color calibration. Here at iTek, our team of professional printers is happy to help with tips on how to calibrate for print to web.

What is Color Calibration?

Before giving tips on how to calibrate for web to print, it is important to first know what exactly color calibration is. Also known as color matching, color calibration is the process in which you make efforts to ensure that the colors on your screen are accurately recreated when your design is printed. Particular colors on screen should print with the same hue, saturation, and brightness, allowing you to make accurate decisions within your design work.

Optimize Your Workspace

One of the simplest ways to calibrate for web to print is by improving your working space. Try things like avoiding unnecessary glare on the monitor, avoiding working in dark or overly bright conditions, and optimizing the angle of your monitor. Take a look at the way your office is set up and remove any obstacles that are preventing you from accurately seeing color.

Use a Quality Monitor

Cheap, low-end monitors do not reproduce colors accurately across the entire spectrum, leading to color-banding in dark areas. While you do not need to spend thousands on a top-of-the-line monitor, upgrading your monitor can make a big difference.

Calibrate Your Screen

The next step in the custom printing process is to calibrate your screen to make sure it is accurately reproducing color. The best way to do this is by using a calibration tool. These devices work by measuring the ambient light in your workplace as well as the light emitted by your screen, adjusting the color space your monitor works within. If you do not wish to buy a specialized calibration device, you can use the built-in calibration tool on your home or office printer.

Work in the Correct Color Space

Every computer has several different color space profiles installed on it. Almost every computer uses sRGB by default, but installing any Adobe apps will introduce the AdobeRGB color space, which introduces various CMYK color profiles. Working in the appropriate color profile of your intended output device can save you a lot of unwanted stress.

Work with a Professional Printing Company

Instead of doing all the printing yourself, you can save a lot of time by working with printing companies such as iTek. We’ll save you the headache that comes with the process of calibration and color matching, as we have a fleet of high-end printers and a team of professionals ready to help with projects such as digital apparel printing.

To get started with us, simply give us a call at (704) 457-7687 today.