How to Design a Beautiful Display Banner

How to Design a Beautiful Display Banner

One of the most effective ways of marketing your business’s products or services is to design a display banner. However, anybody who has ever seen a banner can tell you that not all designs are created equally. If you want to create positive buzz for your company, a special event, or a new product launch, it is important that your banner is eye-catching while also accurately reflecting your company’s brand. 

Here at iTek, we are a Concord, NC printing company that specializes in printing and designing fabric banners. Follow these fabric banner design tips if you want your banners to generate a positive buzz. 



When it comes to banner fabric displays, you do not want them to be overcrowded and busy. Simple and eye-catching designs make a stronger and longer-lasting impression than ones that are overloaded with text and images. When people are out and about and a fabric banner enters their line of sight, they will not want to read a wall of text. Instead, focus on creating an attractive image and limit text to a simple phrase or your company’s motto. 



When blown up to a size appropriate for a display banner, some fonts work better than others. Before you open your design in InDesign for Photoshop, go visit the place where the banner will be hanging and visually estimate the average viewing distance so that you can determine what an appropriate font size will be. A general rule to follow is that every 100 feet of visibility should correspond to 10 inches of letter height. 

When it comes to the font that you use, it is important that the typeface is clear to readers. The following fonts are considered to be the best for fabric banner printing

Serif: This is a type of font that has angular lines coming from the top and bottom. Times New Roman is a common example of a Serif font. 

Sans Serif: Sans Serif fonts do not have angular lines and are considered to be among the most legible fonts. The most popular fonts in this style are Helvetica and Future. 


Color and Contrast

When designing your fabric banner, color and contrast should also be taken into consideration. Bright colors work well in attracting attention, and they are even more effective if you contrast them. Look at a color wheel and select two colors that are the opposite of one another for maximum contrast. 


Call to Action

You can have a visually attractive banner, but without a call to action, it will not be as effective. When thinking of your call to action, be sure to use as few words as possible while also making it seem urgent that people contact your company or come into your store. The call to action should be prominently displayed on your banner. 


Concord, NC Fabric Banner Printing

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