How to Reduce Direct Mail Marketing Costs

How to Reduce Direct Mail Marketing Costs

While digital marketing is getting all the buzz these days, direct mail marketing should still play a crucial role in your company’s marketing mix. In fact, statistics show that direct mail still outperforms digital channels when it comes to response rates, so make sure that you blend the two major types of marketing – direct mail and digital – to achieve the best results. Of course, if you want to get the best bang for your buck in marketing, it is important that you utilize cost-cutting strategies.

Here at iTek, our team of marketing and printing professionals is happy to provide you with these tips on how to reduce your direct mail costs.

Plan Out the Types of Mailings

When you’re planning your direct mail marketing campaign, first think of the type of mailings that you’re going to use. Some of the biggest variables that affect the total cost of a direct mail marketing campaign are the size of the mailings, the type of paper, the glossiness, and the style of font. To ensure that you don’t use your entire budget in all the wrong areas, follow these guidelines:

Consider Postcards

Postcards are the ideal money-saving direct mail material. When using postcards, you’ll have minimal packaging costs (no envelopes), and they are easy to get the message across if you design the postcard properly. Postcards also stand out from typical letters because customers can easily determine their weight. Finally, postcards can be printed for as little as 15 cents per card, further boosting the savings.


The next-best affordable option behind postcards are letters. They are larger than postcards and also must include an envelope, which will slightly increase the costs. However, if you are sending sensitive information or personalized documents, letters are the best option. Another option is to use the letter format to mail tri-fold brochures, as long as they are a single page that can fit into a standard sized envelope.

Personalize and Segment

An age-old tradition in direct mail marketing is to segment and personalize. This is also a great way to cut costs, because by sending your mailings to a small, select group of people, you can save on mailing costs. Before you start your campaign do proper market research so that you can segment to your target audience. By doing this personalized marketing approach, you will avoid the common downfall of mailing letters to people who will immediately throw them away without even looking at them. Here are a couple of ways that you can segment your audience:

  • Name: You can include the recipient’s name in the address block, as well as putting it somewhere else in the mailing.
  • Gender: If your marketing offer appeals differently to men than it does to women, use targeted offers to each gender segment.

Work With a Professional Printing Company

One of the most effective ways to save money on a direct mail marketing campaign is by working with the professionals at iTek. We serve all of North Carolina with direct mail services such as address list managing, database processing, consumer profiling and analytics, and mailing list procurement.  

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