How to Start Your Mailing Strategy

How to Start Your Mailing Strategy

Before you roll out a new direct mail marketing campaign for your business, it is vital to develop a strategy that will enhance the success of your campaign and draw new customers to your business. Despite new digital methods for marketing, direct mail has not lost any of its power and has a much higher response rate than email marketing. Starting a direct mail marketing campaign from scratch can be difficult if you have never done it before, but the experts here at iTek would like to help. 

Here at iTek, we are a Concord, NC printing company that also specializes in direct mail and managed print. Here are some tips on how to best start with a direct mailing plan. 


Ensure Your Mailers Have Your Target Audience in Mind

Before you design your mailers, it is important to think about your target audience. No matter what marketing tactic you are using, it is vital to relate the design and messaging of the marketing materials to the people you would like to gain as customers. For example, if your ideal customer for the campaign is a young adult, your messaging, design, and language will be different than if your target customer were a senior citizen. 

Once you have your targeted audience in mind, you can start on the design process. 


Personalize Your Mailers

People prefer receiving mail that is personalized toward them, rather than a generic mailing that is aimed at everybody. Depending on the budget of the campaign, there are a lot of different ways to personalize direct mail, ranging from addressing the mailer with the recipient’s name all the way to using a handwritten envelope. Using the data that you have gathered in your campaigns, you can tailor the offer to the needs of each recipient. The right offer will get the response, while the wrong one will not. 

Finally, the copy itself should be personalized in order to get the best results. Use the recipient’s name and other information gathered from your data to draw interest. Remember that customers will not read overly long copy, so keep the writing short and sweet. 


Stand Out From the Competition

Your potential customers are looking for unique pieces of mail that stand out from all the junk mail that they receive. For a better response rate, make your direct mail marketing campaign pop by using these creative elements:

  • Folds: Most print shops will be able to customize your direct mailings with special folds that will give your piece a unique look. For instance, the endless fold keeps going, from panel to panel. 
  • Die Cuts: Using a special die-cut shape is another great way to grab attention. For example, you can make the mailing itself be the shape of your product. 


  • Technology: Incorporate a QR code on the mailer in order to get the customer to investigate your company further via the web. This way, they can connect with you on your social media platforms. 


Concord, NC Direct Mail Marketing

If you’re seeking more direct mail marketing tips, turn to the professionals at iTek. Our Concord, NC print company provides direct mail services such as address list managing, database processing, consumer profiling and analytics, mailing list procurement, and high-volume mailing. 

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