Increasing Sales with Fabric Banner Displays

Increasing Sales with Fabric Banner Displays

Beautifully printed fabric banners can help your business make a statement. Thanks to their inexpensive cost, ease of manufacture, and durability, fabric banners are a favorite method of local businesses who are looking to increase their sales. Whether you’re looking to display your fabric banner at a trade show, outside of your business, or at a special event, it is important to ensure that the fabric banner has attractive colors, design, and layout. 

This is where iTek comes into the picture. Our team of print and display professionals is here by your side to ensure that your fabric banner will entice customers to purchase your product or your service. 


Business Promotion

Fabric banners are a great way to announce the opening of a new business, promote a special sale or event, or announce a new product arrival. One of the great things about fabric banner displays is their versatility, as they allow for a variety of color and layout configurations. When you’re creating your fabric banner, make sure that the tone, font, and display themes match the iconography of your business. For instance, if your brand is formal and serious, you do not want to use bright colors and lighthearted fonts. 

When mounting and hanging a banner, you have a few different options. Many businesses choose to use grommets on all corners to make it the banner easier to mount on a wall or hang using cords or rope. Alternately, you can have a banner made with pole pockets to make it easier to hang up vertically. These banners are printed with tightly woven fabric, which means that the colors on them maintain their richness on them for a long time, even when they are hung outside and exposed to the elements. 

Fabric banners are also an excellent option for temporary signage, because they can be rolled up and easily stored while not taking up a lot of space.


Space Enhancement

If you’re looking for a simple way to enhance your business space and increase sales, consider fabric banner printing. Many interior decorators choose to hang tapestries and printed fabric banners on interior walls and dividers to make a statement or to beautify a space. Because fabric banners have the advantage of being highly customizable, you can have a graphic designer draw up a design and use it to match your existing interior space. 


Fabric Banners in Sports Arenas

A great way for a business to reach tens of thousands of potential customers at once is by hanging a banner in a sports arena. They can be hung from the rafters, ceilings, railings, ledges, and more. 


Fabric Banner Printing Options in Concord, NC

If your company is looking for a simple and affordable way to increase sales, consider banner fabric printing. Whether you place the banner inside the office or outside, it is a great way to attract attention and draw in new customers. 

To have the professionals at iTek help you out with your fabric banner design and printing, give us a call at (704) 457-7687.