Inspiration for Your Next Marketing Calendar

Inspiration for Your Next Marketing Calendar

As we start to transition into the new year, your marketing team should be thinking about next year’s marketing calendar. Calendars are one of the best ways to advertise your business and its products or services, and you can get as creative as you would like when it comes time to design your calendar for next year. In fact, there are so many marketing calendar possibilities that it can be overwhelming when attempting to create a calendar. 

Here at iTek, one of the many professional printing services that we offer is calendar printing. Even if you’re not a professional designer, our team can help you think of creative and fun ideas for next year’s marketing calendar. Here are a few different calendar design ideas, as well as different types of calendars, to use as inspiration for next year’s calendar. 


Travel Calendars

Travel calendars tend to include images of iconic cities, nature sites, or landmarks around the world. These images can include places like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, or Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Calendars filled with images like these may inspire people to take a break from their busy schedule and visit their dream destinations. Travel calendars can also feature photographs from famous travel, nature, wildlife, and cityscape photographers. 


Typographical Calendars

A typographical calendar is eye-catching and unique due to their focus on creative design. Instead of inspiring viewers to focus on the words on the calendar, typographical calendars implore people to see the beauty, variety, and emotional richness of the typeface itself. A great example of a typographical calendar is the Studio Hinrichs 365 Typography Calendar, which was designed by acclaimed graphic designer Kit Hinrichs. It features 12 unique typefaces designed in the 21st century, along with descriptions of each typeface. 


Watercolor Calendars

Watercolor calendars use watercolor designs as the background of each page. Designers can create designs by themselves using paint and brushes, or they can illustrate it in Adobe Photoshop or another illustration software package. 


Desk Calendars

When it comes to the actual type of calendar that can be printed, you have a few different options, with the first being the classic desk calendar. The compact calendar is designed to sit on somebody’s desk or workstation. You can choose to print desk marketing calendars and distribute them to clients, friends, or family members. 


Wall Calendars

Wall calendars are printed calendars that are designed to be hung on a wall in an office or workspace. Because wall calendars are helpful when it comes to brand recognition, make sure to have your company name included on each month of the calendar. 


Concord, NC Calendar Printing

When it comes time to print next year’s marketing calendar, turn to the team at iTek. Our team of printing and design professionals specializes in calendar printing, along with label printing, direct mail, and various other types of professional printing. We offer a wide variety of paper stocks, inks, and design options for your company’s yearly calendar. 

To get started with our calendar printing services, contact us at (704) 457-7687.