Integrating Print and Social Media

Integrating Print and Social Media

At first glance, it may seem difficult to try to combine traditional print marketing with social media marketing. While historically, businesses have operated print and social media marketing campaigns separately, today the best way to market your business’s products or services is by combining the two mediums. A well-rounded marketing campaign that has the ability to reach a broad swathe of customers utilizes strategies from both main types of marketing.

Here at iTek, our team of marketing and print professionals is happy to advise your business on the most effective ways of combining print and social media.


Recent studies have shown that print catalogs are regaining popularity. Combine traditional print catalogs printed by a commercial printing company with the power of social media for maximum results. For instance, you can send a free catalog to anybody who signs up on Facebook or Instagram, which will save money from sending catalogs to people who do not want them. When printing the catalog, make sure to include all your company’s social media handles so that people will follow your accounts.

Personalized URLs and QR Codes

Print marketing allows you to personalize, which is one of its biggest advantages. Utilize methods like personalized URLs and QR codes to continue that personalization into the digital and social realms. A personalized URL is a unique URL that a customer can visit to access a special deal that is created just for them, such a birthday offer. You can also include a QR code in your printed materials that will lead readers to your company’s social media pages, where they can access additional offers.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are an excellent way to retain existing customers as well as gain new ones. One way to use loyalty programs to integrated print and social media is to first have a professional printing company create a punch card so customers can earn a punch with each purchase until they earn a reward. Integrate social into the mix by including a QR code on the card that links customers to your social media pages. Let customers have the opportunity to earn extra rewards when they follow you on social media or like and share your posts.

Create a Contest

Finally, you can create a contest that ties your print marketing efforts to your social media efforts. One idea is to design a scavenger hunt that features clues on both social media and print media. Participants in the hunt can post photos of themselves to social media at each stop using a special hashtag that is found on printed materials. Prizes for the winners can vary based on your company’s budget. Examples could include gift cards for your products and other company swag.

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