Integrating Print and Social Media

Integrating Print and Social Media

With social media as popular as it is, the current moment is a great opportunity to leverage those up-and-coming marketing strategies with the time-tested success of print marketing. Instead of cutting out your print marketing completely, it’s important to realize that print still plays an important part in customer engagement and that print marketing and social media can be viewed as two sides of the same coin. Indeed, savvy marketers looking to target the widest demographics will utilize a combination of traditional print with a variety of different social media platforms.

Here at iTek, your source for professional printing services in Concord, NC, our marketing experts are here to help provide tips on how to integrate print and social media.

Boost Social Media Engagement with Print Materials

There’s a current narrative that print and social media have to be diametrically opposed, which doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Utilize your print materials in your social media campaign with these suggestions:

  • Begin your digital marketing campaign by creating a catchy hashtag. Once this hashtag starts a buzz and spreads across social media, you can integrate it with your print materials.
  • When you’re creating commercial printing advertisements, find out where your target market spends time and then place the advertisements there. Make sure to tease out enough information to get the customer interested, but don’t reveal everything. Utilize a hashtag or social media address in your advertisement to direct them to get on the Internet to learn more. This is an effective strategy because people with low online engagement will be exposed to the physical ad and those with high online engagement will interact with your business online.
  • Use QR codes on your print advertisements. This is a cost-free way of blending digital with print, but before placing the advertisement, make sure to the QR code leads to a mobile website, because QR codes are scanned with smartphones.

Be Consistent With Your Content

Your brand and company likely have carefully honed images and voices that you should ensure remain consistent across both print and digital platforms. If your brand has a serious and formal tone on print advertising, make sure that your social media presence cultivates the same tone so that you can remain consistent. Additionally, your logos, design style, and voice should be the same online and offline.

Focus on the Customer

No matter what type of advertising your company is utilizing, it’s important to realize that the best way to reach people is by making them feel that your company cares about them. Focus your social media efforts on letting your customers know that you see your customers as individuals you want to serve, not as walking dollar signs. For instance, you can place advertisements for your business’s Yelp page inside your business and encourage customers to leave a review. Once they’re on the Yelp page, you can offer them coupons to save them money on future visits.

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