Is Direct Mail Still a Viable Marketing Solution?

Is Direct Mail Still a Viable Marketing Solution?

With digital marketing on the rise, many companies are wondering if there’s still a place for old-fashioned direct mail marketing. While direct mail may feel outdated when there are newer solutions available, there is still a place for it in the marketing mix. In fact, not only is direct mail not dying, it’s actually increasing in popularity. In 2016, the Data and Marketing Association reported that direct mail customer response rate increased by 43 percent and the prospect response rate increased by 190 percent. Here are some reasons why direct mail marketing is a superior solution to methods like digital marketing.

High Return on Investment

First, the statistics show that direct mail has a higher return on investment, or ROI, than methods like paid search and online display ads. Direct mail has a median ROI of 29 percent, which is only a couple of percentage points lower than methods like social media marketing and email marketing.

High Direct Response Rates

In a response rate report by the Direct Marketing Association, they found that direct mail achieves a 4.4 percent response rate, compared to just 0.12 percent for email. Additionally, the study found that the direct mail response rates are consistently anywhere from 10 to 30 percent higher than that of digital. In an age where everybody’s email inbox is filled with clutter that automatically gets deleted, direct mail is a welcome respite that arrives on a less cluttered channel.

Direct Mail is Tangible

There’s great value in the fact that direct mail is something physical that you can hold in your hand. The permanence of direct mail goes a long way toward being an effective solution. For instance, if you receive a coupon in the mail for $5 off at a local restaurant, you can set it on your refrigerator for future use. However, if you receive that same coupon in your email, it’s just a number on a screen that quickly becomes eclipsed by other promotional emails and forgotten. Another study found that 66 percent of people have purchased a product because of direct mail. To make your direct mail enticing to the consumer, include a special offer that makes people want to save it for later use.

Direct Mail is for All Age Groups

While using email marketing or social media marketing can be an effective way to reach a younger demographic, research shows that you’re going to have a hard time reaching an older audience with these methods. Only 67 percent of people between ages 65 and 80 use the Internet, only 59 percent of people between 65 and 69 own a smartphone, and 34 percent of people between 65 and 80 use social media. Alternatively, direct mail will reach everybody, regardless of age.

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