iTek Launches a BIG Self Promotion Campaign

iTek Launches a BIG Self Promotion Campaign

In the Fall of 2014, iTek Graphics acquired the first HP Indigo 10000 digital press in the region. This incredible new piece of equipment brought new capabilities to the Charlotte marketplace, which we wanted to bring to the attention of our customers and prospects.

Our challenge? How do we engage companies in a way that will peak their interest in finding out more about this large format digital press?

Working hand in hand with an outside designer, iTek launched the BIG marketing campaign. Focusing on the extra large 20” x 29” sheet size of the Indigo 10000, iTek created a multi-channel marketing initiative aimed at showing our target audience that bigger is better.

The campaign was comprised of a series of emails, newsletters and direct mailers that encouraged users to visit a personalized URL site. Once the end user “hit” this micro-site, we collected several pieces of information about services important to their organization, print budgets, and satisfaction level with our services. As a token of our appreciation for his or her response, iTek printed a large personalized poster for each respondent from the Indigo 10000, further illustrating what this new piece of equipment can accomplish.

The results of this campaign have been excellent! In addition to having several hundred people visit their personalized URL and order a BIG poster, many companies have contacted us to learn more about the capabilities of the HP Indigo 10000 and have quickly made this one of the busiest pieces of equipment in our manufacturing facility.

If you are interested in your own BIG poster, or if you want to find out how a multi-channel marketing campaign can move your business forward, please contact your sales representative or if you do not have one you can contact Scott Byrnes at the number 980.333.0486.