Make the Most of Your Brand at Your Next Conference

Make the Most of Your Brand at Your Next Conference

One of the best ways to promote your company’s brand is by attending business conferences related to your industry. Whether you’re in marketing, medical, retail, or a different industry, you’ll likely find yourself attending a conference at one point or another. Of all the different sales approaches out there – cold calls, emails, Internet advertising – many businesses find that the best approach to networking and promoting their brand is by attending as many conferences and trade shows as possible. 

Here at iTek, we are a Concord, NC printing company that also specializes in trade show displays, managed print, and marketing printing. Our professionals would like to share our tips for making the most of your brand at the next conference you attend.

Know Your Goals

Before attending a conference, it’s important to know what you’re looking to get out of it. Attending conferences is not cheap, so before circling dates on your calendar, make a list of goals for your business. Some of the most common reasons businesses choose to attend industry conferences are for brand promotion and awareness, gaining industry knowledge or competitive insight, and lead generation. 

Prepare for the Conference

Now that you know what you are looking to get out of the conference, it’s time to start the preparation. Depending on many days the conference is, the preparation can start months in advance. Before the conference, make sure to practice your elevator pitch so that you’re comfortable promoting your brand in front of industry elites and other professionals who are attending the conference. If your goals for the conference are people-focused, find out who is attending the conference so that you can create a list of people you want to meet. On the other hand, if your goals are education-focused, spend time reviewing the agenda so that you know which sessions and talks you want to attend. 

The professionals at iTek can help you prepare for your conference with our kitting services, mailing list procurement, inventory management, and data processing. 

Utilize Social Media

Nowadays, being social media savvy is just as important as making a good impression in person. In addition to swapping business cards in person, connect on social media on the spot, during interactions at the business conference. Make sure to ask attendees for their Twitter or Instagram handles, or find them on LinkedIn and send them a note. 

Additionally, most conferences now have related hashtags. In order to build your brand and be visible to others on social media, tweet out quotes and influential images using these conference hashtags. This way, you can network with others at the conference while also promoting your own social media to everybody else who views the hashtag. 

Concord, NC Fulfillment

When we say we are a full service solution provider at iTek, this encompasses things like all types of printing and fulfillment printing needs. Just a few of the robust fulfillment services that we offer are qualified carrier selection, database management, kitting services, and matched mailing. 

Before you attend your next conference, contact us at (704) 457-7687 and let us help you promote your brand.