Seven Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Print Shop

Seven Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Print Shop

If you’re a marketing manager or a business owner at your business, creating and carrying out a marketing plan is a multi-step process. First, you need to think up a strategy, dream up a creative advertising campaign, and get your budget approved. After these preliminary steps are completed, it’s time to choose a print shop. Choosing a reliable printing company is vital to the success of any marketing campaign, and before choosing a print shop, there are seven questions you should ask them.

What Are My Choices for the Marketing Campaign?

The first thing that you should do is figure out your options. Ask the print shop which print process is best suited to your company’s individual requirements. Your options can vary greatly depending on the quantity of printed materials and the quality of the prints. Some printing providers might specialize in different types of printing, such as screen printing or large format printing.

How Much Will My Campaign Cost?

After figuring out your different printing options, you should determine if the printing campaign can be completed within your company’s budget. If the total estimate comes in over budget, don’t be afraid to ask if there’s anything that can be cut out of the budget in order to bring down costs and make things affordable for your company.

What is Your Typical Production Timeline?

Digital commercial printing has revolutionized the printing industry by greatly reducing printing turnaround time. Even so, you should obtain an estimate of how long your entire project will take, from start to finish. Figure out what date your project needs to be completed by and let your print provider know so that they can finish the project on time.

Can You Send Me Some Samples?

Before committing to a printing company, you might want to see examples of previous work that they’ve completed for other companies. This way, you can also get an idea of what kind of printing material and printing processes will be the best fit for your company’s individual campaign.

What File Formats Should I Be Using?

With the onset of digital printing, companies also have to determine what file format the digital copy of their work should be in. Formats like .png and .gif will look fine on your computer, but they are typically not suited for large-scale printing projects. Ask your printing company what the ideal format is for printing.

What Resolution Should My Images Be?

When giving digital files to printing companies, many people will use images with a low resolution. Using low-resolution images causes your images to be unclear, uncrisp, and low-quality, the last things you want in a professional marketing campaign. Also, ensure that any images that you use are able to be converted to CMYK.

How Can I Contact You?

It’s vital to know that you can contact your printing shop at any time, just in case something goes wrong. Check how available the printing company is to take calls and respond to emails.

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