Three Essential Tips for Digital Textile Printing

Three Essential Tips for Digital Textile Printing

Using digital printing for the purpose of textile printing can be more challenging than printing on materials like vinyl or paper. But if you’re looking to get started with direct to garment printing, mastering the art of digital textile printing is essential. Put simply, digital textile printing is a new printing technology that lets creative professionals print digital files directly to fabric or textiles, with the printing process working in a similar manner to a desktop inkjet printer. 

Our team of professional printers at iTek has plenty of experience working with technologically advanced digital textile printers. If you want to get the most out of your next print job, follow these tips and instructions for digital textile printing. 


Understand How the Process Works

The first tip related to digital textile printing is to have a brief idea of how the process works. Understand that there is no single type of ink that will adequately print to all fiber types in a simple process. Instead, it’s dependent on how different types of fibers interact with the different ink choices to create an attractive print. A print shop such as iTek will use a variety of different types of digital textile printing technologies, with each being best suited for a particular type of ink. The type of fabric printing will also affect the price and the longevity of your finished product. 


Know When to Print on Textiles

Digital textile printing is not a type of printing that should be used under just any application. Instead, it shines when it is used for fabric printing and garment printing. Whether you’re a marketer looking to increase brand awareness for your product or a creative professional looking to print T-shirts or other branded apparel, digital fabric printing is the best avenue for it. 


Be Prepared Before You Print

Before you send your completed design to a print shop, there are a few things you should prepare for. Here is what you should keep in mind:

Fabrics: When it comes to fabrics, your decision will often come down to personal taste. Our recommendation is to order a fabric sample book so that you can see and feel different types of fabric before you make your final decision. 

Color: Digital textile printing allows you to have fun with your designs and print as many colors as you like. The technology is designed to allow photo-quality detail, so be creative with your textile designs. 

File Standards: When submitting your digital files for upload to the system of a print shop, best quality is achieved when they are RGB, between 150 and 300 DPI, and saved as JPEGs at the correct scale and orientation you wish to be printed. 


Your Trusted Concord, NC Print Shop

When you need to complete a digital textile printing job, contact the experts at iTek. We are a Concord, NC print shop with decades of experience in the print business. Our team of friendly professionals has stayed on top of the latest technologies in the areas of digital textile printing, as well as label printing and on-demand printing. 

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