Tips for Making Your Flyers Stand Out

Tips for Making Your Flyers Stand Out

Flyers are one of the most tried and true ways of advertising your business, as well as special events or sales. Even though marketing on flyers is relatively easy and inexpensive to do, it requires a lot of creativity and outside the box thinking in order for them to make an impression with people. A flyer is essentially a blank canvas that can be tailored for practically any marketing purpose, which is why it is essential to make them stand out from the pack. 

iTek is a Concord, NC print shop that specializes in flyer printing, managed print, and a variety of direct mail and display services. Here are some tips to make your flyers stand out from the rest. 


Eye-Catching Design

The first tenet of creating attractive flyers is having an eye-catching design. Let’s say you’re walking down the street to work and notice a flyer hanging on a light pole advertising a new business. The thing that likely caught your attention was the overall visual element – the colors, shapes, photos, or illustrations. In order to make your flyers stand out, they need to have a clear focal point, which is the part of the layout that draws people into the design. This  can be an image, graphic, headline, or promotion. Because the goal of the focal point is to draw people in, it is a good idea to include your company’s logo or call to action in the focal point. 

Also, be sure to include relevant imagery in your flyer, whether that is simple images like shapes or icons or something more fancy like a custom illustration. Make sure that the images are relevant to your brand or the products that you are trying to sell. For instance, if you are making flyers for music lessons, includes images of musical instruments or music notes. 


Text Tips

Another important aspect of effective flyer design is related to the text on the flyer. Because flyers are small in size and designed to be read in passing, keep text minimal and concise. Do not overwhelm the reader by squeezing in too much information. Here are some additional text tips to consider when flyer printing

  • Use Bullet Points and Infographics: Try to summarize your data and make your information easier to understand by using bullet points and infographics. 
  • Add a Call to Action: A call-to-action statement tells your reader what to do after reading the information presented on the flyer. 
  • Add Directions and Contact Information: A flyer is practically useless if a reader does not know how to get to your business or how to contact it. 
  • Limit Your Fonts to Two or Three: Do not overwhelm the reader with visual clutter or using too many fonts. 


Concord, NC Flyer Printing

At iTek, our Concord, NC printing company, our team of print professionals works hand in hand with each one of our customers to ensure that every job is done to their exact specifications. Flyer printing is one of our specialties, and we have a variety of different card stocks, inks, and paper types on which you can print your flyers. 

To learn more flyer printing tips, contact us at (704) 457-7687