What Can We Do to Help you Pre-Press?

What Can We Do to Help you Pre-Press?

In the printing industry, “pre-press” refers to the activities that occur after a commercial printer receives an order and a corresponding graphics file from a client, but before any actual printing occurs. The pre-press is one of the most important steps of the overall printing process, as this is when the foundation of the job is built and strengthened. 

Here at iTek, we take the pre-press seriously. We see pre-press and other design services as more than just a thing that we need to do before the job is sent off to the printer. Our design area and pre-press was built from the ground up with the goal of meeting all our clients’ individual pre-press needs. We offer a wide variety of different pre-press services for you to choose from, depending on your needs for the print job, all of which allow you to make the best possible decisions today to adapt to the challenges of tomorrow. Here are a few of our pre-press services. 


Desktop Services

Among the long list of professional printing services that we offer at iTek are desktop pre-press services. Not only do we proudly offer desktop services to both PC and Mac workstations, but we also support all graphical file formats. These services allow our customers to work how they want, when they want, with no exceptions. 


Digital Proofing

Proofs that are made from digital files rather than run on a printing press are known as digital proofs. The advantage of digital proofs is that they are less expensive than press proofs and faster to produce. There are several types of proofs that can be made from digital files, including onscreen proofs, desktop laser or inkjet proofs, PDFs, bluelines, and high-end color digital proofs. 

Here at iTek, we are able to handle both the HP Spinjet Digital Imposition Color Proof and the Epson 9600 Digital Color Inkjet. 


Integrated Workflow Systems

When talked about in terms of printing, integrated workflow systems refer to the steps in an end-to-end production environment designed to yield a specified product. In the commercial environment, these steps can include trapping, screening, RIPing, imposition, color management, proofing, and platemaking. At iTek, our integrated workflow systems include not only a Direct Smile Variable Data Server and the HP Smart System Designer, but also the Kodak Prinergy/Insite/DSF Digital Storefront. 


Computer to Plate Platemaking

Also known as CPT technology, computer to plate platemaking is an imaging technology where an image is created in a desktop publishing application and is output directly to a printing plate. At our Concord, NC print shop, we use an incredible Screen PT8600 Platesetter to complete computer to plate jobs. 


Pre-Press Services in Concord, NC

Here at iTek, we give the pre-press the same gravity and importance that we give to our professional printing services. Our robust and versatile pre-press services go a long way in helping out our customers, and we take pride in working with everybody hand in hand in order to give them the results and end product that they desire. 

To learn more about our pre-press services, contact us at (704) 457-7687.