Where to Put Your Brochures

Where to Put Your Brochures

While you can invest all the time and effort into creating attractive brochures that showcase your business and its products, all the effort is wasted if nobody sees the brochures. Placing your brochures in strategic locations and using appealing display stands are two simple ways to spread the word about your businesses and ensuring that your effort in creating the brochures was not wasted. 

Here at iTek, we are your Concord, NC source for professional brochure printing. In our years of doing business in North Carolina, we have gathered that some places are better for brochure placement than others. Here are some of the most strategic brochure placement locations. 


In Your Own Place of Business

It may seem obvious, but many people overlook placing brochures in their own businesses. Consider placing a stand near the checkout counter where you can stack brochures that show  off all of your business’s products or services. People who are shopping at your business obviously already know about its existence, but they might not know about ancillary products or services that you offer. 


Conferences and Trade Shows

When you attend a conference or trade show in your industry, bring more brochures than you think you’ll need. Place them around the building, and make sure to send them home with visitors to your booth. Create a simple but elegant brochure display near your booth so that even when you’ve stopped away or are with another client, prospective customers can see what you have to offer. 


At Special Events

If your town or city has an annual festival or event that people like to attend, make sure to place your brochures there. If you have a presence there, a brochure stand can help build brand awareness and give visitors something to talk about. Place the brochures near a line or other place where people congregate. 


In Your Building

If your business is located in a large building with other businesses, people might not even know that you are located there. Place your brochures by the elevator, in the vestibule, or where people congregate, in order to spread the word and alert them to your presence. 


At Complementary Businesses

Say you own a business that sells natural foods and soaps. People who attend complementary businesses like yoga studies are likely to be interested in your products. Create an arrangement with other local businesses that sell these complementary products so that you can place your brochures in their business. 


Hotels, Campgrounds, and RV Sites

Sites like this cater to people who are visiting your area. If you offer a service or a product that a tourist could use, place brochures at these places. This is an especially good advertising plan if you own a restaurant or a retail shop. 


Concord, NC Brochure Printing

Of course, placement is only one aspect of a good brochure marketing strategy. The professionals at iTek are here to take care of all your brochure printing needs. Our print shop takes every job seriously, and we take pride in providing 100 percent customer satisfaction and working side by side with every one of our customers. 

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