Why is Printing on Demand Better?

Why is Printing on Demand Better?

Whether you’re a writer, a designer, artist, or other type of creative professional, you have likely found that the amount of print options for your work can be overwhelming. There is offset printing, digital printing, and do-it-yourself printing, but one option that would be of benefit to certain people is print on demand. Print on demand services offer an alternative way to bypass the time, money, and initial investment that is typically involved with traditional methods of printing, allowing you to print your custom products at a small fraction of the cost. 

Here at iTek, print on demand is one of our specialties at our Concord, NC, print shop. Here are some of the advantages of printing on demand, along with a brief description of what it entails. 


What is Print on Demand?

Print on demand is a print service that allows creative professionals to print a very small number of items or even a single copy, whenever there is demand for it. Print on demand technology only came about after the development of digital printing because it was not cost-efficient to print single copies using traditional printing technologies such as offset. 


What are the Advantages of Printing on Demand?


No Minimum Orders to Meet

Small press publishers and independent artists often have trouble meeting the minimum order requirement that comes with traditional digital and offset printing. Printing on demand allows you to choose exactly how many copies of something that you wish to be printed, and you will not be charged extra if you only wish for a couple of copies to be printed. With print on demand, you no longer have to worry about a significant part of your budget.


Anything Can Be Printed

When printing on demand, all the print shop requires is that you have an idea of what you want printed. Whether you’re looking to print children’s books, textbooks, graphic novels, or your company’s flyers or brochures, you will not need to worry about print restrictions when printing on demand. 


Never Go Out of Stock

One of the disadvantages of traditional printing is that you can go out of stock when you run out, and then you need to pay the costs that come with another full order. Artists and writers often are not sure what the demand for their creation will be, and print on demand is a great way to test the waters while you’re determining what the market will be like. When you’re just starting out, print on demand makes it easy to print just a few copies and see how it sells. 


Shipping is Taken Care Of

When printing on demand, you do not need to worry about shipping and fulfillment. After the product has been sold, all that you are responsible for is customer service. 


Print on Demand in Concord, NC

At iTek, our print professionals provide a variety of managed print services, one of which is print on demand. We would like to put our print expertise to work for you, and we will handle all aspects of the print side, so all you need to do is create your products. 

To learn more about our print on demand services, contact iTek at (704) 457-7687.