Wide Format Printing for Architects

Wide Format Printing for Architects

The business of architecture stands apart from many other businesses, thanks to its unique combination of engineering, design, and science. In order to remain relevant in today’s competitive market, modern architectural firms need to invest in the newest technologies so that architects can create drafts that meet the needs of their clients.

One aspect where architectural firms often lag behind is printing. Unfortunately, a standard business printer is not up to the task of meeting the hefty demands involved with printing highly detailed blueprints. Firms looking to cut down on costs and product higher quality designs should look toward professional wide format printing. Wide format printers give architects and designers a number of advantages when implementing architectural planning projects and can produce banners, signs, and legal documents. Before getting to why architects should consider wide format printing at a printing shop, we should explain what we mean when we say wide format printing.

What is Wide Format Printing?

A generally accepted definition is that a wide format printer is any printer that has a maximum paper roll width of between 18 and 100 inches. Compared to standard size paper (8.5 inches by 11 inches) in a home or office printer, this is a huge difference. Wide format printers are categorized by the type of ink transfer process they use, and thus come in many different types, including:

  • Aqueous: Aqueous ink comes in two different types: dye and pigment. You can think of aqueous wide format printers as being similar to inkjet printers, in that they use water-based ink to print to paper. They’re known for their excellent resolution, quick output, and ease of use.
  • Solvent: Solvent wide format printers utilize ink that is not water-based. The advantage of solvent wide format printers is that they create prints that are more durable, but the downside is that they sometimes have an unpleasant odor.


  • Dye sublimation: When this process is utilized, inks are diffused onto special print media to produce photographic quality prints with continuous tones.

Why Choose Wide Format Printing?


  • Speed: Advances in wide format printing technology have led them to be speedier than ever. Compared to a standard office printer, wide format printers can tolerate frequent use, and professional printers often use these machines on a 24 hour basis.


  • Quality: When you’re getting intricately detailed architectural blueprints or plans printed out, you’re going to want to be sure that the print reflects that complexity. Luckily, wide format printers are known for their high quality of prints and exquisite attention to detail.


  • Versatility: Wide format printers can print on just about any type of material, so whether you need to print your architectural documents on vinyl, fabric, foam board, coated metal, or even wood, wide format printing has got you covered.


Concord, NC Wide Format Printing for Architects


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