Wide Format Printing: The Environmentally-Conscious Option

Wide Format Printing: The Environmentally-Conscious Option

In today’s rapidly changing world, more and more companies are looking to become more sustainable with their business practices. In the past, printing was one of the most taxing processes on the environment that was used, but now with technologies like wide format printing, people are realizing that printing can be green. In the past few years, one of the biggest trends in the wide format printing market has been the push toward more environmentally-friendly business practices. 

Wide format printing is one of the specialties at iTek. Here are some of the environmental benefits of choosing wide format printing over the other options. 


Green Inks

When utilizing wide format printing, you can choose from a variety of environmentally-friendly green inks. It used to be the case that the inks involved in print were some of the most harmful materials, thanks to their use of solvents that exude a variety of chemical emissions when they are used. However, UV-curing or water-based inks used in wide format printing are far less harmful to the environment because they are specifically designed to break down easily during recycling. Additionally, many of the eco-friendly inks used in wide format printing even come in recyclable packaging.


Environmentally-Friendly Substrates

The substrates are the materials that actually get printed on during a print project. In wide or large format printing, substrates play a large role in sustainability. In the past, many of the most commonly used substrates have been high in PVC, which is a heavily toxic, non-biodegradable product that is bad for the environment. With modern wide format printing, PVC is being used less and less, and more green solutions such as tension fabric systems are now available. Another green substrate option is polypropylene vinyl, which is classified as low to moderate in terms of its environmental impact. 


Green Print Equipment

With modern wide format printing and custom printing, the actual printers themselves are becoming more environmentally-friendly. At print shops like iTek, new green printers are arriving, and printer manufacturers have found ways to reduce print time and increase quality while reducing emissions. For instance, HP has moved toward printers that only use solvent-free inks. HP Latex printers, such as the HP Scitex LX850 which we carry here at iTek, do not use any UV in the printing process and utilize only water-based inks and no solvents whatsoever. On top of that, the capabilities of these printers are unmatched, as the HP Scitex allows you to print self-adhesive vinyl, paper, wallpaper, PVC banner, and many other options – all while remaining green. 


Green Wide Format Printing Options in Concord, NC

At our Concord, NC printing company, sustainability is one of our main concerns. We make every effort to be green in our wide format printing, including using green inks and printers and environmentally-friendly substrates. When you require high-quality, fast-turnaround, and green wide format printing, work with the experienced printers at iTek. 

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