Earth Day couldn’t be a better time to discuss all the ways that we here at iTEK take our role and responsibility in caring for Mother Earth seriously. The following is a statement written by the leadership team, and we will have much more to say about this in the coming weeks.

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At iTek Graphics, we acknowledge the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices and their impact on the long-term sustainability of our business. We believe in responsible corporate citizenship and are committed to integrating ESG practices into our operations, decision-making processes, and stakeholder communications.

Environmental: We recognize the impact of our operations on the environment and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, conserving natural resources, and minimizing waste. We will continue to implement sustainable practices across our value chain to reduce our environmental impact.

Social: We believe in fostering a positive impact on the communities where we operate. We are committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplace, supporting employee well-being, and engaging with our stakeholders in a transparent and ethical manner.

Governance: We uphold the highest standards of corporate governance and ethics. We will continue to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and laws, maintain transparency and accountability in our decision-making processes, and strive for excellence in our corporate governance practices.

We believe that our commitment to ESG practices will not only benefit our business but also contribute to the greater good of society and the environment.

Stay tuned for more important information, resources and emerging policies and procedures as we examine our own practices going forward.