Commercial Print

iTek is ready and willing to handle all of your commercial printing needs, offering a wide range of different services for you to choose from depending on precisely what it is that you’re trying to accomplish.

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Label Printing

iTek wants your products to succeed. Your product label carries your most precious asset – your brand. At iTek, we specialize in custom printing of self-adhesive product labels (often called “pressure-sensitive labels”), supplied to you on rolls. iTek is equipped to handle and fulfill custom label and product sticker orders of all types

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Print Capabilities

At iTek, we are proud of our robust and forward-thinking equipment capabilities. We are always evolving and bringing in top of the line printers and equipment. It’s imperative to us to stay up-to-date on new technology and introduce new ways to customize projects for our clients. Our capabilities include offset printing, wide format printing and more. We’ve got you covered where it counts.

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At iTek, we see pre-press and other design services as more than just “what you need to do before you can send a job off to the printer.” In a lot of ways, it’s like building a house – by taking the time now to build the most stable, structurally sound foundation that you can, there is absolutely no limit to what you can accomplish during the remainder of the project.

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Print Handbook

At iTek, we’ve always said that we see ourselves as more than just a print services provider. That’s an important part of what we do, yes – but it’s just one small part of a much larger story. Equally important are the ways in which we continue to play a role in your business before, during and after each job. To that end, we absolutely consider ourselves true partners in your own success in every sense of the term.

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